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Hey what's up every one then kissel back here with you were talking about the move from tel aviv to jerusalem when it comes to the united states embassy in israel gerry jackson on the facebook comments actions as in regards to the united nations voted one hundred twenty eight to nine against it it's a symbolic vote really means nothing at the end of the day gerry jackson says who cares what other countries think we are an independent country this idea of moving the embassy to israel are to jerusalem rather isn't new at this is something that many campaigns have promised but for reasons um unique every every administration as you unique reasons for not following through with their campaign promises but in this situation it seems to be because they don't want to interrupt this so what a socalled peace process which i don't know when a in his ever happened bill clinton as a matter of fact major russe lem campaign major roussel a campaign issue in 1992 attack in then former president george h w bush for having allegedly quote repeatedly challenged israel sovereignty over a united jerusalem bill clinton vowing to move the embassy during his administration lau clinton however believed moving the embassy in recognising the capital may derailed quote unquote derail his at his many attempts at brokering a peace deal between israelis and palestinians this cycle appeared to repeat itself once again in.

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