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Are you reading right now? Are you reading something? Am I'm working on another adult books, one deadline for Dame? Yeah, we'd how how? Like how many books are how many books you ridicule year your numbers are? It doesn't make any sense to me. I'm trying to understand your productivity. It used to be. I call it BC before children was to a year. And then once they started having kids, it slowed down a little bit. This year was a more productive year. I think also while you know this, I feel like get work done on the role because I'm so isolated in a way, and I was on the road, the lava that the national award and and so those lighting a lot. And this book that I'm working on. Now this adult book is raggedy Ann all over the place and. For one day. Yeah. Is that a? Is that a fun feeling when it's like raggedy all over the place? I actually kinda liked that in stand up, like if I'm if I'm working on something noon, it doesn't work yet for me. That's actually kind of a fun time in the process. I like looking back on it. All right. I hear that the moment is it's it's hard to live with so, oh my God to who isn't hard to live with, oh, normal people. Okay, fine. Well, look, we're artists. We get to do what everyone. What you. You Brown girl, dreaming twenty fourteen. That's the year that that came out. And then that that one a ton of awards in like maybe put you in a different category of exposure. It is that. You know if it was, it wasn't interesting year. I don't know if you know the whole back story behind that, what the national book award and you should tell you should tell me the backstory because I feel like our listeners like this is all very interesting stuff while the won it won for young people. Literature was it's a memoir in this historic growing up in between the north and the south, and beginning a, you know, a family that was well thing. One of well off and one that was not so well off, but when it won, the personal is emceeing announced to the world that I was allergic to watermelon which issue and as a joke. And then it became this whole thing because knows they racist comment to make, and and it just kind of had this whole reverberation of round the country, especially people of color in that in especially in that..

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