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Eight five five five no one 1035 are you somebody who likes to date people way way older or way way younger large aides differential i'd like to here why why i mean i think we know why but i would like to hear why works or if it works because it's like you guys were saying at some point what are you talking about what do you have in common in a what are you do besides that sex and i feel like if you know yard the one that's in your 20s like twenty one or whatever near dating the older older at some point you i mean you're gonna change alive from twenty to thirty from thirty to forty like what how are you guys aligned with your goals are right here and bishen thuan like lake jaggard sure you know he's he's iconic successful he's artistic but he still seventy four years old and dino she's still 20something says of fame thing like they just okay and with yeah what's gotta be yeah it's not a because there's really literally nothing else besides thad other than that he be old mc mc the old guy walking until exactly these that if he doesn't have the money and the notoriety them then there's no way this happens ripe i can't imagine let's talk to janet hajat geno wasn't afraid naji good morning good morning so what are you you don't see a problem with the mick jagger thing you don't see a problem with me hooking up with a twenty one year old the wedding which i did not do by the way i don't you know probably you're twenty one euro i don't in better they feel like you can go are you a great conversation now you go about accommodation like you were very very example me okay i twenty four years old i am a houseowner i own a car i have a successful career you know like i don't think it really mattered with anything like that relationship why a credit manner but what if you're dating let's say you said you're 24 uhhuh and you're dating like a sixty year old don't you feel like you guys are going to have different goals different things that you wanna do a knife.

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