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On radio, TV and social media on howto prevent Cove in 19 and how to support people who are infected. Cadet says. Information is much more widespread that have a lot a lot. So far, Haiti has not gotten slammed nearly as badly as anticipated. We expected to have a 1,000,000 cases, but so far we got only 6000 less than 10,000 cases. It's difficult to know the real count again. Many people aren't getting care or getting tested. The official death toll from covert 19 is less than 200. Today is not entirely sure why this is the one thing she can see is that many people's attitudes are changing. Now, health workers are being thanked in the community, not vilified. When I look back. I said that we come for So she's uneasy about the future. The biggest outbreak in the Caribbean is just across the border in the Dominican Republic, a place many Haitians go back and forth for work. Gets frustrated with testing delays, a lack of coordination and shortages of personal protective equipment and medical oxygen. Then, just a few weeks ago, Haiti's international airport reopened points out that a big Haitian community it's just a flight away in Florida, which is now a major hot spot. I am definitely worried because I am afraid that we're gonna have over clans of corner of our cases. Again. Patients have been stuck in the U. S waiting to get back. Others are being deported Since flights resumed, at least 40 imported cases have been documented in Haiti, leaving cadet back to where we started this story, anxious and uncertain. For the world. I'm Alana Gordon. It's been a while since most of us have gone to a museum, according to social Media. What art lovers really miss their all about that bass? A nice, but the sculpted kind that is A recent social media campaign launched by the Yorkshire Museum in the UK Hashtag Best Museum bum. It went viral because Lucy Crichton is Yorkshire Museum's archaeology curator. She kicked off the challenge with the derriere of a Roman statue. Why'd you choose this particular bum Lizzie? Well, we chose this best museum bum because it's just a fantastic piece of Roman art. It would've decorated public baths, We think in the suburbs off e Barack Um Roman York, So it's local. Two words. It's an exotic import. We thought it's a fantastic museum bum. So I know the Yorkshire Museum has a curated to battle. Siri's is this Roman bone? Part of that Siri's? And how did that whole cirie start? So the auction museum has been playing curator battle on Twitter? Since lock down began like museums across the world. We've been closed since the middle of March. So we've had to be creative. In finding ways to engage with the public. What do you think about all the non traditional bums that people have been sharing in this viral takeoff of best museum bomb like the bottoms of bumble bees and fish with legs? I know people have been so creative. It's been fantastic that have baiting bums from the animal kingdom. Both in taxidermy variety and also living animals, but also museums that don't have traditional collections, collections of sculpture, and I got really creative and we had the bombs off shits and of other vehicles like trains and even the tail gonna position of the Halifax bomber, so people really got creative in their best museum bum choices. Yeah, Every object has its bomb. Now that I think about it, they're kind of everywhere in museums. Is that something? Art Curator Sze are all in on like the bums and museums. And why was it the least offensive body part that artists were willing to take on publicly. You're right. They're all museums have bums in one form or another and There's something universal about the human body. It's been a subject of aft and historical objects throughout history. The new figure has been a popular topic enought for a long time. Why is that? Well, it's universal. We've all got them the in terms of shattering museum bums and why we thought it was a fun topic to choose. It's because it gives people including curator is in the public have license to be silly with the collections and have a little bit of fun, And it's a fun way to engage people who, perhaps our regular museum visitors, he might go to a museum to try and seek out some buns. Well, these kinds of activities kind of changed the perception of museums as being serious places for high minded art and maybe make them a little more fun. I think so. I think initiatives like curator battle, and I think museums having fun on social media can perhaps help to break down some of those perceived barriers to access that museums can face We try to be as inclusive as possible. At York Museums, trust and museums are looking to diversify their visitors and to be accessible for everyone. So doing fun. Things on social media is a way to promote our collection and get it out there to parts of society that might not normally walked through our doors. Lucy Crichton is Yorkshire Museum's archaeology curator. She's been speaking with me about the museum's recent Hashtag. Best Museum. Bomb Challenge, Lucy. It's been great talking stone, bronze and other bombs with you. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you very much. You're with the world. 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