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It. All alamo particular. It is cheap. Eight hundred calls mcgrath in a more dollars a bottle. You ain't got an ankle really good food. Nobody so one more time. Steve do what now. i'll just say it. Gives them hunted. Put it on bad at all anymore. Question wait about wasn't a question. That was the bonus. You allergic to honey to just take the hash because yeah drill and fight a now you have a question for for our junior while you know. Come from seattle my bedroom stuff you know like the candlestick is a certain candle wax highway. You buy one get what you want to walgreens. While i'm seeing suzanne what you wanna do is you to get they. Call all crisco candles crisco candles and most shifts know how to make them. So you can get your hands on a ship. Got a little extra. Chris go just drop a week down you gonna. Do you know what i'm saying. Gee crisco cast kitchen. Crews i know you have one. Okay how do you let the time is. How do you let the happy times you know. Neither for the mean is trying to lay sa when a. Hey how do you take us through that. How do we last hour. And a half but s going to require a disclaimer. No really no you. You got to really focus too while the hat and it can't all be built around just one activity a day. We're famous for is you're going to have to work on those events that occurred leading up to or i want to call it something else. Shirley this ain't show segment you just damn in and networking so banco all landed segment now. Zoom would work okay. But i'm just telling you activity you got to get a lot of pre pre show game like it's super bowl. You know you gotta have coin toss. Yeah you gotta have somebody saying the national anthem. You gotta you gotta plane fly over here you got. You got hit a color guard. Come out with the flags can pass and got to do all that you know. You gotta come over. The pa couple announcements treated like a super bowl super bowl field of his two weeks before. What's going to happen. How we to do it. And what are betting all is here. You gotta talk. You gotta run bath wanting you gotta throw pedals in the flowing vacuum hearts in the copy. You know you got to be the man you know you gotta you gotta light candles all over the house without burning down and that's about an hour. I'm just trying to get you to on the you've got ten minutes and just hawed okay. All right thank you. We'll be back in twenty minutes after predators. Oh you're listening to morning. Show all right steve. Carla has the question. We have some questions where he goes. Okay so what about valentine's day advice for a single person person. Did you know. Mississippi monica quickly. Something quick just real. Quick in valentine's day view is just going to be like another day. It's just sunday you know. Find jolo seen on tv or something you know. Buy yourself a gift. It ain't me the same thing to say. You can put it in a box to and say this is from someone who loves me very much. Yeah that'd be really no good am suggesting but go ahead though. Do i think valentine's day is a time to remind us. Well you know. Look you gotta love yourself. Yeah you do have to love yourself not every year though you do want somebody you know press said i just want to be somebody somebody. Valentine's day can be. It can be hard but everybody everybody's not in love on his day. It's just a day of love. Love yourself love your friends. You know you don't get with some other freer. The y'all do some on valentine's day single people no other single people you know. Get together and go. You know you can't get together. No more zoom have valentine's zone party drug lynn on this one. Aren't you all right. We'll have more poverty morning. Show three minutes after the hour. You're listening to morning show for all food is out there. I'm unwrapping a mcdonnell steak egg and cheese bagel. Who look at this steak and the juice running down the side. Go a little bit on rapper. Here and then a fluffy egg and rail. Cheese ford oversaw looking. Just so good Grilled onions on butter. Bego two thumbs from donal steak egg and cheese bagel for breakfast. Love it more baba participating. Mcdonald's doing my podcast quarterback. My name is rita i ellen bernstein brodsky this stays with your grandmother. She said to say it quickly. It is a podcast about the relationship between grandmothers and grandchildren. As my mother would have said taka. Who would have wanted a jewish rabbi. Is there anything from your childhood. They'd say you miss kid. Doing jump never see them all the time. What are you talking about land in the park. It's like a girl waiting for a boyfriend by beats when she calls me sometimes. She accidentally biped streams. Were like. who's going to tell her up. Just hearing about this though. Listen to call your grandmother on the iheartradio. App apple podcast. Every you get feel podcasts..

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