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When I was laying out my plans for today's show. There was a bunch of things I want to talk about over the past couple of weeks into the regular season ended in the National Football League. We've seen coaches coaching changes in the lake. We got to hear from Some of those coaches this week, the last two to be hired, um, in both Philadelphia and in Houston, Um, wasn't really blown away by either of the two guys press conferences, but I've said this for a long time, and I'm pretty, sharp said here on CBS portrayed arrives. No, I said it and other outlets, um, that I've done. I've been doing chosen photo op in New York and nationally. For years now, and I've heard a lot of introductory press conferences with new coaches and I was specifically in my car. Wait my wife to go out of the doctor's office, uh, the other day when Nick Syriani, the new Eagles coach, had his first press conference and I've got some issues with the way Nick Campbell in his first press conference, But I will say what I've said for years now. I was just starting in photo off here. I'm gonna my third or fourth year somewhere. Thereabouts. I think was my third year in Philly and I made a coaching change. They moved off Rich Kotite. And hired Ray Rhodes. A former defensive coordinator to be the head coach of the Eagles. Railroads had his introductory press conference. I felt like I was back in a uniform, getting ready to go out and play a game and listening to, Ray wrote. He did as inspirational. Get the blood pumping through your veins. Emotional, a press conference as I had ever heard to that point, and I would still say to this day it might be the best day ever heard. If you wanted to hear from your new head coach, the kind of motivational speech it would get to get up on your toes and ready to run through a brick wall form and that's the way I felt when I heard railroads and it's introductory press conference. As the new head coach of the Eagles. Several years later, and the Eagles did actually make the playoffs on the roads. They won a playoff game under roads. But then the T fell apart. He did not last all that long here in Philadelphia, and you would say the railroads error was okay at best. Damn it! If I wasn't impressed, damn it if I didn't believe in that day one where he was introduced It's nice that you can get the fans excited by it. It's nice. Remember Media's who cover the team. If he'd give you information and emotion and the like, you can write I good column you can put together a good piece. You can do good things when a guy gives a uplifting in first time ever introduction to his game, his way of doing things his way of seeing things as the next head coach your team, saying the same thing goes for basketball, hockey or baseball, any other sport everybody who's chosen and take over as either the Coach of the manager get a chance to speak their piece and maybe plant to seed When a fan base with guys on the team, maybe even with their bosses. We just hired them as a matter of fact. Within. Six months a year. A year and a half. It will be for gotten Off. All the coaches were fired this year. Remember there was seven changes in the National Football League and if your team decided to swap out their head coach this year Let me ask you a question. Did you say to yourself? When you found out your coach was being let go, and you're going to get a new coach? Did you say to yourself, you know. Remember back to his introductory press conference. And the guy was so blase that day the guy was so unmoving that day, I knew that this was only a matter of time. If your mom I told you that this wasn't going to work If there's two people in my entire audience who can hand on whatever religious book you put your faith in And honestly say that they felt that way. I'd be surprised if there were actually two of you. It's for gotten. It's over, done in the moment, people get carried away by it when it first comes down. But it goes by the wayside. Here's the one thing I will say, um, on geun when railroads was coach of the Eagles. I want to say it was 1994 was his first here is evil coaches 20 plus years ago pretty long time ago, and I do remember it like it was yesterday. It's funny what you do and don't remember. 1994. There was no such thing in social media. There is no such thing is Twitter or instagram or anything else. So now certain things linger more than they used to. And I'm referring to the getting If I mentioned anyone out there, we said from day one of his introductory press conference, I knew this wasn't gonna work out. We'll get fans might be able to say that more than anybody else because there was one particular picture. That was taken of the gets newly hired head coach that had it looked like he had just been shocked with about 125,000 volts of electricity. That kind of gotta memorialized memorialized through social media and means and the like. S so it's actually got a chance to happen more now than it did 20 years ago, and I had this memorable remembrance of railroads and his first ever press conference with the Eagles. But there are six new head coaches in the National Football League. I wanted to give fans of any team yet the Bronco Pentagon has committed Chief fans gonna wanna talk about keeps Well, they should, with the ball coming up in the possibility of going back to back. The Buccaneer fans are gonna want to talk about the box and Tom Brady and he doesn't get beaten Super Bowls often. And how are they? An underdog in this game, and I'm surely gonna let all you bucking your friends do that. Anyone who's got a strong opinion on Tom Brady. I surely want to hear from you. You don't have to be a buccaneer fan. You could be a Patriot fan, and that may sway one way or the other, And it just so happens again. I was gonna talk about all these things. Um, the coaching changes. The quarterback Carousel, which had new names added to the list this week of guys. Who may or may not be on the move. It just keeps going and going and going and Gary got was added over the last 24 48 hours, the amount of quarterback changing and maneuvers that could go on in the National Football League this offseason. Is like I've never seen before. Um, I was going to I am going to him. We're gonna have a guest about the Senior Bowl. Um, first step in the process after the college football season is over. To determine who will be moving on to that next level and being able to continue to ply their trapped their craft and the National Football Lakes..

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