Fisher House, Invictus Games discussed on Army Wife Talk Radio


Take the the the family programs that were involved with with either the warrior games the INVICTUS Games <hes> all of these families played a role in in their loved ones recovery <hes> and you know when you think about and this is the way I explained it to people who are not aware of of the service and sacrifice I I asked quite frankly. How would you feel if you're in the hospital and your family couldn't afford to visit so you know it becomes very easy? <hes> <hes> to kind of you know kind of let people know what's going on and you know so the families love is the best medicine of all the absolute truth. We've seen it firsthand <hes> we've walked into hotel to hospital little rooms my wife and I and we've interacted with <hes> with family members so forth and the impact that it has I remember seeing interview <hes> on our website about a serviceman in who had been wounded through an I._D.. Blast and he was kinda learning how to walk again and he. He's you know they were days. He didn't WANNA get out of bed. They were days there was a lot of pain but the fact that his that his children were there his son and his daughter <hes> to watch him into push him you know made it easier for him to get out of bed and get and get back into the grind and I think that says it all <hes> just having your family there to motivate you <hes> and and also it's important for the family to be involved in in the process to because in the cases opposed dramatic stress and traumatic brain injury they need to be educated on what to look for <hes> and and how they might be able to help <hes> at at least in the beginning and how to get treatment how to get help and that's just as important but it all starts with family and that's why this foundation was oh I think you do a great service to the world helping and healing people in need and I'm sure a lot of our listeners tonight and are wondering how they could help to support the Fisher House and your mission so can you let us know how people can support your mission sure the best way to do that would be to go to fisherhouse dot org. That's the website and it'll tell you different things different ways to get involved whether you want to volunteer <hes> potentially the House that might be near you by the way both <hes> <hes> active duty N._B._A.. Hospitals <hes> there's other ways to be involved donations and so forth but <hes> at the end of the day the website kind of takes you down that direction and and we'll show you different ways to get involved. It's a great website. I'm very proud of it. So I encourage you know you're listening to check it <music> out and and see

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