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To have worked for area 51 however what he said was completely extraordinary lazar went on television to claim that he had worked with defence contractor dg and g on alien technology at a base he called s four near groom lake and while azzarra was met with both believers and skeptics alike he did one thing for sure reignite the interest in the top secret nevada base the government of course denies lazar story and discredits him through his credentials bob lazar claimed to have a master's degree from both caltech and mit but there is no record of him holding either of these we will look in more detail at lazar story and what he said about area fifty one next week but the important thing in our story today is steady once more stirred up the controversy around area fifty one so much so that area fifty one and the nearest town of rachel nevada started to generate a tourist economy centered around the base pilgrims began coming to try their hand at catching a glimpse of ufos and other strange an exciting things near area fifty one and locals responded opening bars like the little alien and selling alien theme t shirts and other souvenirs whether the inhabitants of rachel believed in the conspiracy surrounding area fifty one or not they embraced its fame and turned it into a profitable endeavor the reason this is important to our official version is because despite what was happening at area 51 what was happening are rounded is sometimes just as important this is after all what generated so much hype around the base in the first place and the local tourism conspiracy theories are not is as much a part of the history of area fifty one as the work they were doing their yes the economy and cultural effect of the area is undeniable however not everyone.

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