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Dustin foyer Praise mcgregor will settle the score at ufc to sixty four on saturday. Delights exclusively on espn plus after conor mcgregor defeated boy in two thousand fourteen. Or even the score this past january setting up the most highly anticipated rubber match in. You'll see history. You'll see to sixty four is exclusively available to espn plus subscribers for sixty nine ninety nine or you can sign up now. Get uc to sixty four and espn plus annual plan for eighty nine ninety eight visit. Espn dot com forward slash mma junkie. That's espn p. l. u. s. dot com forward slash emma junkie. Speaking of guzzle night will be hosting a uc to susie for watch along this saturday at nine pm eastern six pm pacific. So join us here on ma junkie for that. Watch along skin a good time. We're gonna watch some bites together. In fact goes on i might even dip in a little early And watch maybe eighth fight because visible. I wanna go to the schedule with you guys right. Quick await for comedian. Jodi as join us so we got you covered for the main card that starts at ten pm eastern seven. Pm pacific while we're gonna been at nine and we should be able to catch michelle behavior versus nico price. Price prices a hard hinder. Behave as exciting feet. You know so. I'm down down. Goes down with max against carlos condit. But i was looking at ilia to pouria undefeated spanish fighter versus ryan hall leg locked specialists. Thou is going to be a little bit of a chess match. That i don't think i wanna miss so maybe will depend a little bit early. You know so easier to give you the mound numbers of nine. Pm eastern six pm pacific but sometimes duck in early. We wanna make sure that We know the broadcast is coming off. Okay in like. I say we anticipate a fun night fights. If i'm not mistaken there is a total of thirteen fights on saturday. There's even four on the early pre limb. They call it including jessica iberson.

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