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All i just d q him if it was somebody of lesser stature celebrity they would have been decoded in my opinion i'm not buying his excuse but i don't think this is what defines his legacy there brandel chamblee the gulf jim joins us down brando thanks for joining us where do you stand on all of this well i agree with you i don't think this will define his legacy i think we'll go down as one of the greatest most popular players in this year game but you know this will certainly be part of his legacy just like his comments after the two thousand fourteen ryder cup giving his position in the game i've never seen anything like this i mean there's no corresponding video equivalent video palmer or hogan or nancy you'd find nothing given his stature and the game it was bizarre yeah he should have been disqualified i didn't think the us jay had a consistent weekend and as i pointed out to start the show i can't have four different golf courses in there were four different golf courses randall in absolutely i mean that's embarrassing it really is it's not fair it's embarrassing you know they don't know what's going on at the us that to me it's like they lacking a clear leadership they don't have some clear objective on how to sit up ago can't be that difficult to miss it so badly the first thing respond the next day mrs so badly the third day and then up so easy on the fourth day it was nineteen shot what the way we just we're we're losing brandel we're losing him thank brando's still in new york i don't know if he's out on the island but we'll try to grab him back so any other questions mclovin besides the gulf war we could definitely depends how much you wanna talk about these i'm having trouble figuring out what's real and what's not real about colli.

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