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Shirt show. Yes. Mclovin. The president's names. There's like millions of sports guys that have the same names as president. How is he rain himself in for our very tough? Well, maybe he has some that are modern day athletes, and maybe there's some creativity the Lincoln Kennedy in Washington, I know, but there's nobody who is playing now that you come up with these smell. What Barack is cooking? God. Clinton portis. Bingo. Every week on the St James, harden, k Polk. Norm. Nixon way way way way. James, k Polk. He's James harden. K polk. The actual full news. That's yeah. That's Reagan Upshaw. Reggie bush. We've done we've done this, and we shouldn't anymore. Reggie Andrew Jackson. I actually I saw this from Darren Revell he tweeted this out Bruce bocce announced that he's going to step down following the twenty thousand nine seasons. The manager of the giants and he's going to be a hall of Famer one three World Series three. And I think five years, and he's gonna end up with two thousand wins in his career. He's up there on old time playoff wins. But really the most important stat with Bruce bocce is his Hatsaw. Here's the largest head in baseball history. At least that's what they believe. That's unofficial eight in one eight inches. So he's got an eight head. We should ask for the hat from his last game. Okay. This is what Darren Revell tweeted out when Bruce bocce played he had a special order batting helmet to fit him. And with each new team. He took the batting helmet with him. And then he would just get a fresh coat of paint on the batting helmet. So he had a helmet that was made up with the Astros and the Mets. Bruce Bochy the manager. And I remember in spring training. The late Kevin towers, and we're at a bar in Scottsdale, spring training and the giants home is in Scottsdale. And I remember seeing Bruce there, and so I said, you know, we used to talk about your eight head like how many beers could we get in your batting helmet. And he said, well six pack and is like he was all in on. And he said, yeah. People always want to know, they always wanna put on my hat just to see how big it is. But Bruce, bocce wonderful career and. Now three World Series titles in two thousand wins. I'm trying to think he's one of ten managers in history to win at least three World Series titles. The other nine or in the hall of fame fourth all time postseason win. He'll he'll have over twenty two thousand wins after this season coming up. So pretty big numbers. They're pretty big numbers there with him. Yes. Bone East Rutherford b Hayes in East Rutherford b Hayes deeper the giants play. I like that Warren Calvin Coolidge from the white shadow. Going to take a break. Here is going to take a break Franklin. Paul pierce? We'll take a break here. And we'll be back. I think after this..

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