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You know you avenue get some kind of assistance from you you know the police or something yeah and also when you think about him having filmed it i mean i can't imagine watching somebody hang herself forget even the filming the fact that in order to do the film he had to stand there and watch and you watch somebody literally killed themselves joseph isn't san jose high joseph good morning hey good morning ron um i'm pretty up to date with current events i didn't know about this story until you spoke of it um i think our younger generation is being brought up in a very violent world and society and the music they listen to and the show they watch for example how to get away of murderers are very popular show right now mmhmm um i think this is causing our younger generation to not have the ability to even sort things out to your brain and you know actual work things down their head and i okay this so this on the on you helped us girl with yell instead you she hit intentions he wanted to film it he knew what he was doing he knew that he wanted to get away with murder you know i honestly believe he knew exactly what he was doing and nurse people in our country are being put away for while lesser crimes and i think we still a book at this kid all right fair enough milat interesting angles and everybody seems to say certainly is yet to face charges whether it's first degree murder that's what we're trying to figure out i mean you you tell you'd talking about complicity i mean help figure at the plans with her when i bought.

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