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Class no more everybody else that's like the thing is the key thing is it's about everybody else you talk about if there's this me i know how grew up i know what grew up in it's a it's a completely completely different environment to like similar completely different environment to what you grew up in but what my experience formally there was some similar elements either either way way when someone says way waitress them to me so often you'll middle class down like what he's yeah it's not as none of your business be heavy me me or read my staff or my whole makeup he's not that conversation yesterday with somebody i and talking now took it away oh yeah north london oh really south front in south london voice we oh voice yeah i know what they meant by that yeah didn't need to by that i mean you can make a cash you can make a guess they're probably thinking about you know this whole invoice from recognize voice be from northland the way you speak so you said you sound like you're from oh you're from south london there's a little different people from southland thinking continue this conversation 'cause they earn east pbc news house watch it my son is very well spoken as well which freaks me out sometimes because he's so wellspoken to you know i realize because at night when he was little when when he was going to sleep i used to put on patterns cds and the guy michael he's interesting and he now speaks.

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