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Right preapocalyptic drowns who are kind of who don't rule and did set but to get them i need to show i'm one of it and indeed that i can't speak i can't use i can't spell right i need to do some misspellings i night th i think trump like i i think trump once the best he once he truly does want to look the best you know he he gets his teeth whitening everything around him and he wants to look really really nice but i think the problem as he can't hire the best people because they don't wanna work with him you know that's i don't know how i see it so so he's getting people like like for like his hats like the the make america great again half yes those are the cheapest leg just like like it's like he just went on line and just found look the first uh you know hat company he could find this typed it in an right and then you know this the cheapest thing he could get um i don't i don't think i think he does want things to look really good for him but but he's just not able to hire good enough people to to work for him and it's just amazing that he couldn't you know with all the money he hasn't everthing that he still wasn't able to to even by those people to do it with the debt i mean that that or the picture that just came out though one with the first lady in the white house that she decorated there's like i think they're like dancers in their you know that pay hard yeah yeah yeah that was that was pretty bizarre it was it it's but that its.

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