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Is appreciating your gesture by changing the ridiculous structure of Notre Dame being an independent I I don't. Think. I think both sides got something out of it. But what the ACC got is the Notre Dame desperately needed them and they did what they had to do and you have to hope that Notre Dame, gets off tie horse and realizes that they would be out of luck right now without the good graces of the ACC. Yeah. Paul I agree with you know because the thing is you know the The basketball team at Notre Dame Compete for an ACC championship and they compete in the ACC fully. And somehow deal with sign they allow the football team to still be out there as an independent and play a few. Games you know sparsely. And I'll tell you man it's it's pretty contentious in this area because people feel like, Hey, you know who are these guys? But I. DO agree with your point that, hey, you know both sides can gain something but for me, it seems like the Notre Dame is getting. More out of this. Anybody else that well, you're right but considering how bad the ACC is in football. I think. All man come all have just speaking the truth I think Notre Dame will help this assuming they get the season in Notre. Dame. We'll. We'll. We'll have helped them Notre Dame found places to play. I'm interested though it looks like the Navy game is off the board for Notre Dame and that's game. It's been on the docket forever. Hey, thank you for the call I really do appreciate it. We're coming back with a final thirty minutes after this. You're listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast. It's your.

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