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Index has not performed over ninety percent of mutual plants only the performance is it beach everything it is the greatest creator of well known to man chi but in an index to fiction next annuity according to studies by wharton school business which is a part of the university of pennsylvania i which in our league school philadelphia had the fiction vexed annuity have bought perform vs in p five hundred two thirds of the time so notion p five hundred performs just about everybody apple forms you your broker your mutual fight just does end but the index annuity is outperformed it because it hasn't done that in those inevitably crashes will have more word we're not through that will have more but the idea is what your money is in there it's in their at it safe and if the market goes down your investment doesn't go down yeah and then you know there are other factors in and there's a uno del prize winning economists name robert merton i was also a professor in mit's sloan school of management and he's a professional emeritus a harvard sure you know you he can't be top minor league really you wanna know about prize new hump when you up at the top of clutch run and he wrote an article and harvard business are viewed by year so i think we bought a year ago this month actually highs as the crisis in retirement planning is because our approach to savings according to enters all wrong we need to think about monthly income more than net worth and i think that's right people when they retire they need him calm one of the greatest definitions a risk that i've ever read wise risk is simple you having inch efficient income to make your bills if you have enough income you're good to go if you have doubts your travel simple as that yeah by the way in the next annuity a generation guaranteed in come up at lofty rachel interest rage and talk to them about that because they can or range to have that paid off to them for the rest of their lives is that run yeah.

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