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You Helen Keller, supporting the end of the deep Helen Keller traveling the world raising awareness for people with disabilities, testifying before Congress to advocate for blind people that Helen Geller Yes, Michael Lee reporting on this, By the way, Yes, that Helen Keller, but you know, she's still just another privileged white person. And yet another example of history, telling the story of privileged white Americans. Okay, Here's Here's how you know how stupid this is. I don't care what color you are. We came from How much money you have. Ask yourself this. Would you rather be born Helen Keller. Death in blind. What would you rather be where you are right now. That's what this whole white privilege is such nonsense. What it really is is it took the idea that we can't just let people who are not racist feel like they're not racist. So we've got to figure out a way to say it's not the past that may have influenced People's lives. It's the fact that you're benefiting from the past because of your skin color. Therefore your part of the problem. Therefore you have to do something to make up for things that you had nothing to do with or you're racist to make you feel guilty to make you try to go down this ridiculous path of social justice so called And critical race theory. Where it doesn't even matter what truth is, because there is no objective truth. It's just if you experience and feel it, then it's true for you postmodernism nonsense, and therefore we can brainwash these younger people into feeling really guilty about doing nothing except the fact that their skin color is lighter than yours, and then we can make them do whatever we want them to do, which is what they're doing now. So you could be born the son of two black parents who are extremely wealthy and rich and well off because their doctor and a lawyer or you could be born, a poor white kidnap, elation mountains and somehow, that poor white kid in the Appalachian Mountains is still more privileged..

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