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Finding pictures of arrested development characters in robes yesterday i was homesick and i was i was doped up if you will on cough meds and it i i won't say how long i spent but it was inordinate that's all say the ross bowlin podcast play list is also up and running on spotify if you not follow in that already and you have spotify i don't know what you're doing we at every houston rap song of the week in classic wrap albums that my friend dillon whose native american probably hasn't heard every time we have a new one they get added to the playlist all along with a lot of other random should that i love we had one did hit me up on twitter yesterday that said just as a warning like if you listen in to the ross bowlin podcast playlist in the gym and you're doing benchpress and suddenly allay ms rob song comes on your benchpress will go down significantly and that say man that's way it is you've got to be you stay woke you got to be ready for anything in there is not just wrap there's other stuff to a little bit of it anyway one of the many brands we own and run here at grand x is rowdy gentleman would you can check out at rowdy gentleman dot com in today the day this pursued comes out we are dropping our spring two thousand eighteen line which i personally had a hand in helping put together and it is incredible you can use the code or bp as in ross bowlin podcast at checkout on there to get ten percent off this week only.

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