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Sensing arm oceans, well, there are a lot. So there's a lot of stuff that could be concerning. If you think about the fact that we're in an era where all of our data about ourselves is kind of collected made an algorithm is reserve living models to be to be studied. We had this with quantified self and fitness trackers. So capturing emotion or capturing where is are looking. I've talked to a lot of people in who work in a are and work in these fields that have suggested research and looking in his tube. And how much suggests intent how much that can flag what you're thinking about. And whether they'll be outgrew them's that that connect those. And what mean you'd be flagged that mean that be used to identify your interest in something kind of sounds like mine reading, and it may not be far from that. Which is kind of crazy, basically once you have there is I tracking already out there on a professional level where it's being used for that to look at heat maps of where people are looking, and when you have that deployed on a larger scale right now enterprise. It's kinda covered under the umbrella of who's opting into that. But on a consumer level, they're all sorts of questions mean we look at like anyone Google or or Facebook or at people making VR headsets, what will happen with that data. What will be used for an APs right now. There's a lot of talk about security. About you know, how that gets locked down. But you know, that's that was also the talk about a lot of other types of data in the past decade or more. So I think that's a big question. And I'm also curious to to a Microsoft, Alex kitman he was talking about how it can help. Just be more aware of what were you're looking at what you're doing. And again, kind of forged the gap to have a and other software programs seem to meet your interests. But it gets it gets very weird about that. What you know what happens with that? And it will be a way of knowing where your eyes are wandering, and I mean from an enterprise level. Yes. You opt into but then there's the idea of what your rights as an employee. I mean, you think about how Amazon employees are treated and others like in in terms of for the sake of officiency, like if you are working on an semi line where you know, you get your pay docked if you look away from, you know, it's yeah. I mean, I don't wanna go all this topiary. But I do wanna go all. All the Soviets. There's a that's a big question. Also that goes right into a fishy. Flight simular offer programs or or others. That are using I tracking. Now that are looking at how people are paying attention to try to understand where maybe mistakes are made or were were attention drifts might help design the.

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