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We put it on our liver more than once. Dude, I made that that one to one Jack and coke while ago that two answers to two answers to kogo. That's my liver started knocking on the side of my ribcage and said, hey. Have you won't be another couple of years you'd better out another answer Coca Cola? Fuck. Dude, we went to Christopher's mother's house the other day for like early Christmas dinner because you know, she by herself, and we're Vada went over there. And that started off like a motherfucker as soon as we get there. She got a little miniature cocker spaniel day Mendi, and we will gain and Kristen had made a couple of quiches she make spinach and artichoke when I sounds like shit, but they're really really good. And then she made a like a. Hash Brown casserole. The three of this week, and she's a vegetarian, and I don't give a fuck because we're going to be in a couple of days anyway. So we go there soon. Get in there. Kristen's mum Marlene is probably the only human being on planet earth with worse hearing than than mine and she wears here Nate, but to save money. She only bought one here in eight. So she wears a hearing aid. But she decided not to word instead. So we we'll get in there. And all of a sudden, you know, I'm coming in with the dogs. And all of a sudden, you know, Callum Muller meeting Mindy again for the whatever time it is nerve fucking cutting donuts everywhere and Kristen. Her mom can't hear we're Christian sands. All of a sudden, there's a shouting match that ensues, and there's no anger, but it's the communication process. And I'm sitting there thinking gotten him. I should learn sign language. I'm pretty close to death. And I'd like bar we having a good time here and so because his own short notice and we're in the holiday season. Hell I had my birthday on eighteenth. Kristen's birthday was on the nineteenth anniversary is on. I was just over a couple of days. So I'm sitting at the kitchen table trying to do some research on the laptop computer. I've got my fucking notebook. And I'm doing some research because I'm about to interview Kane once we get home. And so I got about seven or eight pages of notes and Kane Glenn Jacobs can only talk for about an hour. Once we get home. So man, I'm trying to speed read through all shit, I'm writing, but I'm trying to fucking write all this down and okay dinner served. I put away my damn research notes. 'cause I gotta do my due diligence. Correct. And I eat about four two pieces of case and some potato casserole, and then I'll go back for two more pieces of case. And a some more has. Brown cash, and boy that stuff set up in my gut. And I had been here in Christian talking to on a telephone to her mom about Meghan, some fudge. Marlene used to make our great batch of fudge way back in the day. And turns out she ain't made it in over twenty years. And she her memory is probably about the same as my. I remember a whole lot of stuff real well, and we get there. And she goes after we got finished, you know, plowing all the Kieschnick, no hashbrowns cans Rochas, Steve this votes. I did Pat my tummy. More lead. Let me let me back office blue yeti microphone that I just bought for thirty bucks. Lina pass on the phone. And it got did. She heard every word I said, and so anyway, we get ready to load up. And you know, she said, well, why don't you guys take this fudge with you that way, you can eat it when you get home. And I'm in Christmas goes, oh, no mom. It's not it's okay. Because I want to make her feel bad right because I'm trying to Christmas spirit. She put some time and effort into this fucking fudge. So I I will take it home with us. And so we'd take about a half a batch of it. And we're getting a car driving, home and said. What what what the fuck?.

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