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It included a picture of the team and if you remember on canfield clipping four of the players names were underlined in red ink as i remember that wait wait wait list yesterday mr mortimer chairman of the school board accused all four of those boys of being in collusion with gamblers but i made him admit he didn't have the evidence to back his charges up he reinstated the behind no i know after two of the boys are beaten up so that they can't play well mortar directs the da's office to an unknown gambler who all too readily breaks down and confesses that he bribed the boys to throw the game hey that does sound a little fishy doesn't it sounds plenty fishy chief i think canfield story had something to do with what's been happening to the metropolis high school basketball team and that he was killed to prevent him from telling it wait a minute wait a minute is jumping to conclusions now maybe but i believe i'm right and if i am afraid this business won't stop with the murder of canfield and the cowardly framing of innocent boy meanwhile you want those two boys to spend the night in jail they achieve hone of course grab your hat and coat with run downtown bail tony and casts out then i'm gonna get to the bottom of this talked candid hurry whites talked back to metropolis to bail tony resilient casimir pulaski out of jail six welldressed men are gathered around the table in the library of vincent kirby's imposing stone townhouse facing the park in the lapel of each man's code is a large white dewey fresh carnation before each man is a galley proof of the first page of a newspaper vincent's kirby clears his throat the men look up the white connotation a special meeting to report the progress we've made thus far in our campaign declare metropolis athletics follow tonight i show each of you galley proof of page one of tomorrow's daily blade which is you know i control is you see a headline and main story have to do with the arrest of two metropolis high school boys tony resute and casimir pulaski both of whom are charged with accepting money for throwing tonight basketball days however gentleman work the nights of the white carnation and this affair is far from over as a matter of fact this is only the beginning because our interests not only driving a few boys often if i didn't keep our ultimate goal is to drive.

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