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They were gathered to play a popular football video game Madden a player pulled out a gun and began shooting three people are dead, including the gunman eleven more injured after the shooting at a video game competition in Jacksonville, Florida. The event was live streamed just before the gunfire began. A red laser dot appeared on the chest of player. Video cut out. The audio of gunshots and screaming continued to be broadcast Taylor. Poindexter was at the event with her boyfriend marquees Williams. She sprained her ankle running from the shooting. We reach MS Poindexter at home in Chicago is Poindexter what you went through. Yesterday's just it sounds so awful. How're you doing? Honestly, right now, I'm okay, but I'm just taking it one day at a time. Can you tell us what happened the moment? You realize something was role. So me and my boyfriend marquee. We were actually in the area with a competition with. Taking play. So we were in the middle area, the bar and from our corner can get catch a glimpse of the of the shooter. We seeing somebody sending there with two hands on a gun and just a fire enough shots. Did you see the person? I did. You hear them? I, we actually heard this the gunshot fired. So the first gunshot sound like up alone pot and looked around, and it took him into Russia. Like, hey, they're no balloons here. So then after that we heard two shots, three shots, four sought. And then also we call it a glint of figures that in there too has a gun. He's walking backwards still pointed in the area of the game lounge. But by that time marquee ground crawling out to safety, probably Glynn so my team front and yelling out and they something wrong with my ankle. I, I can't get up really. And so he comes and picks me up. So as you were running away, you hurt your ankle, but you weren't even aware at the time what had happened? I didn't realize that I had heard myself. It's just a drum, their rush from it. I'm basing a mindset I need to get outta here. I'm trying to say alive saying to myself, I need to get out of here, need to get a live to be alive and also wears marquees. Is he okay? Is he okay. And what else did you see around you? Basically, what I saw also route me was other individuals that were that are trying to escape as well. So that's all in the process of trying to escape. We both were trample. We actually crawling over other individuals while trying to get out, you know if anyone's heard the audio of that livestream it is. It's very disturbing to listen to. So have you heard that? Yes, it just brings back a flashback of 'cause I've actually seen the strain to the video. So just break me back to one the. Bad players that was on the video. How before I was just standing next time we was watching somebody else's game play right before the happened. You mentioned when we started talking the Madden community, the people who gathered to play this game in a fairly regular basis. Did you know either of the men killed Elisha, Clayton or Taylor Robertson? Not personally, but I knew of them and for Elisa, Clayton, I had a brief interaction with him to say Hello and watching some of the other games that were going on in ornament. What have you heard about the gunman, David, Katz, and what might have led up to this shooting? What I've heard of him was basically that he was he was a player in the community. He did play in the Cup Titian I wanna say in twenty seventeen and possibly he was upset about how game they're not going to save her. Can you imagine you know, all the time even playing this game..

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