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Nah i'm just i. I don't believe savior that people make him out to be. I'll wait i'll he'll have to prove it to me. I've seen him in. Big games of seen situations would hasn't worked out for the lions. I note everybody blames the lions where everything that's happened. Play twelve years in detroit. We'll see i'm. I'm just not where they were. They were they. Well coached in in detroit. Did you feel like that was really coaches. Not wasn't looked franchise at one playoff when fifty seven years. Okay so i'm not gonna sit here and make it like it's all his fault. Put are not a crown. The guide said getting to the super bowl. I do not believe doug that the rams will make it to the super bowl during matthew. Stafford's time in los angeles okay. Look i mean i think he's. He's a he's part of the story. There obviously constructed very very differently than than other teams were there. They have absolute superstar on defense. Maybe the best football player in the game on defense aaron donald and and the way they used him last year jalen ramsey would just swiss army knife. Put him on. Whoever the teams best player is and and good luck and we have no idea how it would work because aaron. Donald wasn't healthy when they lost the packers in the playoffs. But that was when they felt like they were being held. Back or limited. Offensively because of jared goff and whether he couldn't make the plays downfield or wouldn't make the plays downfield or wasn't as invested. They just feel like he's an upgrade and they were close with golf and got to super bowl with doff. So the idea is if you're close with golf and you have an upgrade. You're going to be a better football team. I think that's the logical a logical argument but it doesn't mean that they're going to the super bowl. The staffer doesn't get to the super bowl. It's it's it's a failure in los angeles that's really super bowl or bus. The only absolute as the only thing. That's the only thing that will work for absolutely thing that it worked for the railroad because you feel get jarrett golf. No i'm not by and you tell me matthew stafford could come to la for three years and then not make it to the super bowl. And it's okay. I think context matters if aaron donald bringing him here no no. I'm not saying it's not the goal. But you're you're making it as if unless you get that's a that's a that's such a flawed argument right off so so willingly to the new dolls. Okay so i didn't say wins and losses weren't important but you want to win every game like so. The power you made. Last year was the packers season last year. A a bad one or a year. Yes yes the number one seed in the nfc yeah. They had the nfc championship game on their home field. Yes they had beaten up number one defense in the rams in the playoffs the two weeks before whatever it was when they played them and my point is aaron rodgers had arguably his greatest season maybe not quarterback rating. I think one season was better. But he obviously with his numbers and touchdowns and red zone and all the other stuff and they didn't get to the super bowl failure. It wasn't failure. It was a disappointing into an incredible season. That's the way it actually work..

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