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Give you asset protection so real estate essentially is all all estate planners as incumbents they one in my opinion i recognize the boy i recognize that there was a problem with my own portfolio and brenda brenda helps me and continues to help me fill that void from a legal perspective you know not only from a legal perspective but also talking about a high level and giving me some expertise and her inside how caters to micro polio everyone's going to be different so that's why this book is and i wouldn't say it's for just people that have money or people that came across people that plan on attaining money or even if you work for forty fifty years you have some type of some type of assets you may have accumulated over time that she would like to leave a little something for your family or to make sure that your family's taken care of get off to a good start whatever had may day so i recognize it was a problem for myself thing and i know it has to be a problem for a lot of other people as well you're very unique as an athlete because when you were in college you did something that a lot of athletes don't do you not only graduated you became an nba yes i did i went back to school to get my nba because of the fact that i recognize that again who's gonna watch your money better than you so i've always wanted to be an entrepreneur and i wanted to be in business but what are the first says you have to understand your own finances i someone else you so when did you get your mba during when you were playing or after you've stopped playing or before you retire i mean i in about listening or not listening i mean if you know every if you.

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