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Cosmic cocktail Party D A with you from the CBS Sports Radio studio is in New York Broadcasting to affiliates. Nationwide in north of the border. Anchorage to Atlanta, took coma to Tampa, Kalamazoo and water the way around the air. Everything we're saying be a everything that we come to you live from the rocket mortgage studios when you need certainty and the whole buying process with a loan that fits your life. Rocket can Well. That was dissatisfying, even if you're a Buccaneers fan. We thought we would get drama Fireworks. Late Game scores. Brady versus Mahomes some type of last second heroics and instead That was a complete dud. Mostly because that bucket ears defense was out of sight. What a dominant epic performance by Todd Bowles Group of Guys of the decider of the defensive side of the football and the Chiefs. And Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid's offense had never looked that impotent that bad that sluggish that ineffective. We will discuss and dissect every single angle of a yesterday's thoroughly dominant bucket ears. Super Bowl Championship victory Coming up this morning on the show, Tyler Dunn's gonna join US, one of the best long form feature writers in the NFL today. He'll join us little over an hour from now. Also, it's a momentous Monday. So in 40 minutes of feel good story in honor of our friend, Little Mo. From Super Bowl Week in Tampa. By the way, anybody see little more was in the stands yesterday, most cut out Was down in Raymond James Stadium watching the Super Bowl, so he was cackling and laughing, having a good time watching the game as a cardboard cut out last night, which was awesome. Will do momentous Monday coming up in 40 minutes. Also Super Bowl commercials. Connor Green is in this morning. He'll be in all week long and so Connor will count down his favorite and least favorite. Commercials from the Super Bowl coming up at the end off next hour. We'll talk about everything surrounding last night's Super Bowl 55. I am sure there are plenty of you that want to jump in on the phones, and let's do that. Connor's manning the phones this morning, 855. 2124, CBS. 855 to 1 to 4 to 27, also on social media. We posted prop bets for you guys. Before last night's game, it was football events. Football numbers versus piggish events more as is numbers. Tacos eaten beers. Slug. Cup. Cates mauled all of these things we posted as potential prop bets so we will great out those prop bets coming up in our number four. Actually our number three so a lot to get to this morning on the show. But obviously we begin with the story of the night. Tom Brady was good. Tom Brady won m v P People want to talk about Tom Brady Seventh championship, and obviously, that's amazing accomplishment that I don't think we'll ever be touched. I know that Tony Roma and others were kicking around the idea of how many of these games Wilma Homes being Mahomes, Kenny Chase down Tom Brady's numbers Look Just think that that's incredibly irresponsible to project. Patrick Mahomes into six or seven or eight more Super Bowls. Because then we act as though if he doesn't his career is gonna be lesser than Brady's numbers are singular, his ratings, his records his history, his legacy that is just Tom Brady. That's like Bill Russell. He put it out of sight. No quarterback in my lifetime is gonna win seven Super Bowls. It's not gonna happen. So that's an incredible accomplishment Last night, it is more history. He's distancing himself from anybody ever being able to even sniff his records in the Super Bowl. But last night just wasn't about Tom Brady. This is not to take away from an amazing season for him at age 43. This is just not about Tom Brady last night. The most explosive offense that we have in the NFL, led by a quarterback that has never had a bad day. We've just never seen it. Patrick Mahomes has never scored single digits. It is three years as a starter. He has never not been in double digits. And you have to go back to October of 2019. For the last time, the chief's defense didn't at least have a 20 point effort. Last night. Not only did Patrick Mahomes not hit double digits, not hit 20 points. He didn't hit double digits, but he didn't score a touchdown. That's the first time that's ever happened from homes. He's never not scored a touchdown. Last night was really not about Tom Brady. Last night was about Todd Bowles is defense, and it was about G P p Dhammika NSU. Levante, David and Devon White. And the defense that absolutely strangled the chief's offensively. And it was about something that we circled and many others did. Dating back to two Mondays ago. After the A F. C an NFC championship games. I'll remember this for a zloty as we do this show. The cold Open out of One of the first shows two weeks ago. Was. Well, what about this chief's offense of life? How did the bucks pull this off? It is where we begin your cold, Open gate. Afford to the 11 yard line. There's the snap. Mahomes running to his right, look out. He may run my home directory. So the battle intercepted picked off of the eurozone bucks. I gotta beat the chief. We're the champions of the world that we still have a minute 33 to go. Devon White one, a great second season. The all American from L S U Rookie.

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