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Annum. Kim singer is the most obnoxious republican in the entire congress. And that's saying something. He was one of ten republicans who voted to impeach president trump. In the second impeachment he was one of only republicans in the entire house to vote to create a select committee to investigate the january sixth protests. He's the one who bald and put on the the Presumably emmy award winning show recently where he cried about january sixth. I do not like the guy. And i'm hoping to do something about it and that's why we're talking to jack lombardi. Who's running against him. Jack lombardi welcome to the show. Sir thank you sir. Thank you for having me on and thank you to your listeners. Appreciate all of you. I think you stole my material. And no no. Because let's let's start with this before we get to kim singer. And what a bad guy he is. Let's talk about you and why you want to do this. It's a big deal to run for office. You have to put your life on. Hold your family and everybody else has to make a lot of sacrifices. Let's start with who you are and why you're running. Well it it is true. Okay what you said is absolutely true. Who i am. I'm a chicago native. My mom's from the south though so she's very happy. Then i'm on a texas radio we I spent time in texas city. Texas ingles side corpus christi. That's most of my childhood My grandmother lived down in corpus christi. So we spent on there with her and You know water burger anytime. i'm in texas. i definitely stopped to get a wider burger and Yeah definitely know that. His w up here and w down there. So why am i running. I you know let's be honest. What are we doing to our children to our grandchildren. Look what's happening. This is it's generational theft of what's happening. I mean the democrats are unhinged. They're spending money. You know the running the bill up on purpose. They know they're doing they know what they're doing You got someone like adam. Kim singer who voted to impeach president trump. Who is possibly the most patriotic president. This country's ever known and that's just wrong. I mean it's just wrong. And he's not representing the people sixteen district. That's not how they believe. Now let me tell you. Texas folks a little fact about illinois. We are red state. We are a very red state. We just have one county. And some of the collar counties that bolt blue not because those people are bad people. They just spend indoctrinated with you. Know the leftist ideas for very long and many of the union members vote read but their unions. Tom the vote blue. Because that's where the money's coming from for these you know projects that they have. But we're actually a red state it's a little known Unknown fact that that other other states don't know about illinois. But you know what's interesting. Jack i see this in new york. We're on an upstate. New york and a lot of people in new york are conservative. God fearing country serving flag-waving people but they can't overcome the boroughs the big new york city. I look at oregon. Where you've got to oregon's it's like a donut. In the hole in the middle is portland and and that county multnomah county is is sort of up against the rest of the state that our farmers in in lumber guys and and good solid folks. You see this in so many places where you've just got that big city and i know that that's what happens in in illinois as well talk a bit the sixteenth congressional district. Kim singers been in there since i guess two thousand ten. Talk a little bit about the demographics where this is what the people like you know. It's rural america. it's texas just you know it's flat just not as hot. It's rural america. It's just good people. God fearing people just wanna go to work. Get their paycheck and be left alone and enjoy family. You know on the weekend i mean. Mid westerners we all share the same family values. we share Table top economics. I mean that's the type of people these are other not fancy people They're just could good honest people that i mean. That's the best way. I could describe the sixteen district of illinois. The sixteenth district runs like backwards. J. around the collar counties of of shadowland k. And it goes all the way up from rock for you know which is You know small city in illinois all the way loops around to indiana in goes out the central illinois. yea it makes that loop These are farm these farm town. Small town usa Everyone knows everyone's business. There's you know they all go to the same church That's that's the best way. I could describe it. I'm good hard working american folk. I'm looking at kim singers numbers. And this guy's gotta go. He happens to be a republican. But he's a liz cheney republican so in two thousand twelve he wins sixty two percents of the district in the general election. In fourteen he wins seventy one in sixteen. He wins ninety nine in eighteen. He wins sixty in twenty. He wins sixty five percent. So you need this. This is a district. That's been carried by the republican. Every year in november except for two thousand eight when obama barely beat mccain. So you got to win the primary. How do you convince republican primary voters in the sixteenth. That we're going to toss out a republican which voter everybody wants term limits. But they keep they keep voting for their. They've been voting for this guy for a while. How do you beat him in the republican primary. Because that's what you gotta win it's real. You're right that is the race. And that's you know that's what i tell you. Know potential donors. It's not people. Try to stay out of the primary so no this is the race because there's really no democrat involved. It is really oppose any threat right. So is the race you to be honest with you. They most of the county's essentially him. They don't want him anymore. They've the see him from what he is. And now you know. He voted like a liberal the beginning then he votes in line with president trump ninety nine percent one hundred fifteen then. He voted like ninety was ninety percent. One hundred sixteen in some change. Don't quote me on that. And then all of a sudden he turns his back. I mean my tweet. Today was if it wasn't for bad character and him kim zinger would have no character. I mean stay who you are. Stay who you are fundamentally. But he's a typical politician a career politician. And yeah i mean this is why so many americans. I think it's eighty three percent of americans support term limits because they identified this. They see that what these people do. I call him say anything democrat even though he supposedly republican. I don't see it but you don't. That's why i call them. I call them a say anything. You know political Lifer tha- that's what he is. He'll say whatever he has to say to get voted he's he's come back here now he's been going around trying to test you know areas to see if he has any You know support and there are some areas he actually does because some of the voters You know they they don't. He's.

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