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Sorry, but because this is nowhere else to get. Yeah. I mean, like what is it out there? I don't even know Camo, Tonga. Samoa have reasonable. Their feels Fiji like is out there. But even that is a long way away from the knee still. Yeah, I, I've never flown in the Pacific. Obviously they land slightly different Catliff issue. We've got, you know, is slim and launches more or less halfway, but across the Pacific you really type for alternative EFI to land on route. True. I was kinda surprised that they closed major roads around the airport as a precaution. Never heard of that before, but no, neither have I, but unless coast, they really concerned that you drop it into them to shoot if you're showed a few in which case? Yeah, would be a sensible move, I guess. Yep. Okay. Well, sixty minutes reporter. Liz Hayes was onboard the plight, but told her nine news colleagues. She was completely unaware that there had been an issue with the plane. This is the first time I'm hearing about it on the way out the front door passenger from another flight told nine news, everyone was calm, no panic, no announcement. I can't explain it. Well, you know what would be the point of telling everybody, oh, you know, hey, just let you know. We may not have enough fuel to make it to the destination. Much too little. I think right now. Yeah. Albert. I hope we answered your questions and thanks for pointing out this this incident, and that's Albert. And he gave me a phonetic ex pronunciation guide. Alco CBA alco. CBA I don't know where the accent goes. There. All right. I think it's time now for the best part of the show, which of course everybody knows is the old pilots plain tales, the fearless flying Columba Livia domestic. Pilots plain tales, fearless flying Bumba via domestic. I recently met some listeners that lovely Vernon, Ruth who ova from merica to visit friends, and I took them to the delightful bluebell pomp in Emsworth on the south coast of England, hang up the local biz my attention was grabbed by the real ale pump clip bearing.

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