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Charles Berkeley's when the greatest of all time, you know that wasn't a degrasse by certainly drafted by the Sixers and all the kids that we shoot with. I don't know. Idea he'd stopped playing when they were born I was talking to a legend, right? Holy so Goodman. Yes. So fucking tough. Rough. So so fucking good. He had to weigh. No, he's three easy three forty probably because Isao Paul. I'll tell. No, six five. But no, he's big in six five for sure he's never his height six six six, but just. Big. I love how says wait to fifty. My was playing when they're they're Jordan. Yeah. That's crazy. Yeah. He's all time greats. I wonder if they took down on the I one of curls like them back in the day. Now, he's got a very pretty girlfriend. Does he? Yeah. Skinny is there. I mean. Yeah. Wow. My friends the girls in high school, my friends, they loved them. Hot good looking guy in high school. One day go back to fuck. Fucking dream team picture look at. Give me the Stockton. Let me see if I can let me see if I can do it. All Stockton Barclay. Haunt start start with number eleven you know, who that is. That's that's yes. That's robinson. Nope. Core malone. Okay. I can't see from here. This can you really bad picture to there's another one. So number eleven do you know who that we start? I'm sorry. No. I thought I thought. the top that's Robbins up there. So let's start with number eleven, and that's that's that's. Twelve John Stockton only white guy shot up to him number six tiny guy number six is for Landau. Magic. In the first round. Oh, yeah. Bias now. Away penny. Hardaway Fernie Hardaway number four. Number fourteen is number fourteen calmly glove, and she would Nike com. Gary Payton who number ten is between Stockton and Carl Malone. His sister might be better at him than back. Yes. Yes. Come on. Rams a belly Jila Reggie Miller. Okay. Number eight side piece to j. Yes, pippin. Okay. No, Reggie Miller. You don't right? And then between Scotty and Shaquille O'Neal's names. I can't remember who that is. Fuck Peyton and now. Went to Duke. Grant Hill grand tail do the real dark, gentlemen, all the way in the back. Who's not standing on any game allows one key Malaysia one and the guy next to him number nine. I remember, he's a dunk master rafters. Always that is that Vince Vince Carter. Yeah. Oh, that might be Mitch rich, and that's Mitch Richmond. That's probably Mitch Richmond. And then David Robinson ham the dream team. Now, if you don't if you don't think if you do not think fucking Robinson was on all the Wynstrol, you're crazy. I don't know think. Why wouldn't you back? Then I wonder how much they were doing back then they're still doing today. They don't test believe that they just for some. But I don't know that they were that. I mean, he was just a such a free for sure possibly he can also just be a free. There might be. Because he's just so shred skews me. If he was lifting ways. Yeah. Why wouldn't you though? I don't give a fuck. No. I don't get a leather ball already such a damn free at maybe put on that size. Yeah. There's freaks freaks, but listen if gun to the head to guess, why not especially back then to prolong your career to gun hurting, saying, no, I'd say, absolutely. Yeah. He's in the navy as my dad's favorite player. How tos he to be in the navy? You thought six six was the cutoff. Will you can't can't fly fucking fighters?.

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