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Sixty two John Mirant with twenty eight points for the racers. And what is likely his last game in college uniform Kentucky, cooled off Wofford, sixty to fifty six as the Wildcats D health Fletcher McGee to over twelve from three point range Kentucky heading to the Sweet Sixteen for the eighth time in ten years under John Calipari who still sees a lot of room for improvement they'd collapse. And I go an extra bounce now. Made it hard. The pastor thrown to me the guys in the corner, I shoot it. Anyway, he's open that was our whole first half. And so hopefully, we'll be able to break down the tape and say going forward. This can't be you. Elsewhere Michigan pulled away from Florida sixty four forty nine to advance to its third straight Sweet Sixteen and LSU's week by Maryland, sixty nine sixty seven Tremont waters. Went off the glass on a scoop shot with one point six seconds left to play on the NBA scoreboard. The maverick. Wacked? The warriors one twenty-six Ninety-one Luca Danni finished with twenty three points. Eleven in Tennessee, the blazers down the pistons wants him one twelve jazz crushed. The bulls won fourteen Eighty-three was to kings over the sons one twelve one zero three T wolves got by the grizzlies one twelve ninety nine the hawks past the Sixers one thousand nine hundred twenty seven on trae Young's runner with one tenth of a second left. The heat down the wizards one thirteen one wait and the Hornets store past the Celtics one twenty four one seventeen Charlotte sending Boston to its third straight loss with a thirty five nineteen showing in the fourth to baseball where Justin Verleger in the Astros have agreed to a contract extension. Reportedly two years in sixty six million red second baseman scooter geneticists the next eight to twelve weeks after suffering a groin injury heading into the final round of the championship. Paul Casey has a one shot. Leeann Dustin Johnson, I'm John pay..

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