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We know we turn to Mark Stein here on the Rush Limbaugh program. Yeah. I I shouldn't have mentioned. I shouldn't have mentioned Gladys Knight a singing midnight train to Georgia that stuck in my head that the thing I like most about midnight train to Georgia the favorite line. I if I'd in another world, I would have liked to have been a pip behind Gladys Knight one of her hips because always like the line a superstar. But he didn't get far that was my favorite line in midnight train trying to George I think I did fantastic love to pip. I think all hope at Gladys Knight on this show once and he was one of our pips old tuck it out halfway through and said he was too pooped to pip. I can't remember is hazy my memories Hayes anyway, Gladys Knight. I don't mean to imply that I'm endorsing Gladys. Knight singing, the national anthem because she's now a reviled hate-figure. She agreed to sing the national anthem nausea fast problem right there. 'cause that's like a totally controversial hate anthem. I mean, are you crazy singing the star spangled banner what kind of agent or manager you sign you up? For that. She agreed to sing this. The hate songs. Nas spangled banner at the end to the Super Bowl. And now everybody hates Gladys Knight. Because she's disrespecting Colin Kaepernick. Good careful. This is to go to Rush Limbaugh dot com and take out a subscription to the Limbaugh letter. And it comes in the mail or you can get it digitally or you can get it both ways. And in the February issue. Rush interviews, Charlie. Cock, and you'll know Charlie if you've seen him on television on Fox News, or whatever the guy looks. I think he's like twenty five twenty three twenty two nineteen he's incredibly young. But he's the driving force behind turning point USA, which is this big students organization. He's the author of campus. Battlefield how conservatives can win the battle on campus, and why it matters. And actually the fact that he has to explain why it matters is a good part of the reason why we lost the country. Entry because the biggest structural defect in America today is the education system on which the Republican party. Surrendered basically the whole tough. So they turn allowed and it's not just university. It basically starts in kindergarten. And first grade they basically allowed social engineers to take over the education system, you pay a huge amount of money to go to these universities and be given correct leftist attitudes, which you don't have any choice. I if he don't have any choice. I the least they could do is not make you pay take on six figures worth of debt to be taught all the things you have to set. And that's a whole other issue, by the way. Because other countries manage to socially engineer, their kids into leftist attitudes striking for three grand a year. So why it costs seventy grand a year in the United States? Just so a lot of repay shis disgraceful. College loan organizations can get can get rich by lending people who shouldn't be doing these courses the absurd amounts of money. They shouldn't be paying to do those corpses courses. I think I was right with corpses. Actually, they absurd amounts of money. They shouldn't be paying to do these courses at outrageous rates have interests. They shouldn't be paying to the so-called college loan moguls who get rich of these guys all all that that whole system has been abandoned by conservatism and rush talks to Charlie cock about it in the current issue of the Limbaugh letter. And you you you should you should read that this this. Stuff is important. Well, let's say something else while we're at it. Again, this attitude striking this Gillette at everyone's talked about the and I just want to say a couple of things. It's it's weird to me because it is in fact, almost literal definition of fascism. The culprit state everything within the state the alliance the alliance between the left and big corporations now to enforce their way who who the hell is Gillette to tell to tell me how to be a man this ad. The Gillette is got the best the best you can be. They're trying to get a piece of the meat to action, and they again show in all these white guys these white privilege guys as we talk about the top of the hour. Who are the big problem? And that's not actually true. We've talked about the me too thing on this show. Russia's talked about it Harvey Weinstein used the phony baloney of a liberal progressive attitudes striking ten nail chicks one of the French actors. I think this cone I I used to live on TV with her dad a zillion years ago. On the other side of the Atlanta, Amtrak Dakota. He's a big French guy and his daughter Emma is an actress and she runs into Harvey Weinstein in the south of France. And she says she's really interested in roles for strong women. And so he says, oh, I've got a great script with a great strong women's part in it. It's upstairs in my room. Why don't you come up with me? Well, you know, how that encounter preceded from that liberal nen insincere feminists using the phoniness of feminism using the phoniness a feminist attitudes striking as a way to to prey on young women who believe the bologna. That's what went on in the Charlie rose. I couldn't sit food CHA. I mean, I like a nice serious sober. Inter I, you know, I was on the BBC fee is I know what boring television is quite like I've got quite enjoy a bit of. Boring television now, and then Charlie rose nothing. There's nothing yeehaw toxic masculinity about him. He was the impeccable liberal male. He's wondering around in a bathrobe that's open in front of his staffers aren't always say is ill PBS pledge drive two hundred dollars. You can get the old PBS bathrobe, code not included. Where were they in the Gillette? Because that's where all the me. Too stuff came from liberal progressive men using the coffer of liberal virtue, signaling is a way to prey on women. Why aren't they Gillette stupid ad? Why is it just sort of, you know, white guys? You know, why why what's what's up with that? Why is it just, you know, toxic masculine white guy? Cliches men barbecuing you think Harvey Weinstein, evidently zone barbecuing. Why is there nothing for example? Like Rotherham all the towns in continental Europe where they've had rape gangs, gang rape. The child sex slavery. What about that kind of toxic masculinity? Oh, no, no. That would be coast so disease picking on guys Eli barbecuing, you barbecuing guys. You toxic masculinity. It's all it all goes one. It all goes one way all goes one way or another story. I wanted to get to. Before where today 'cause I did you see this thing about President Trump when he had the guys over to the White House the Clemson team, and he had a thousand feet of cheeseburgers, or whatever it was since they will Diggle. This fact check I wasn't a thousand feta cheese cheeseburgers. It was only like six hundred thirty seven feta cheese cheeseburgers is all this kind of thing. And and then there's people saying, well, he's condescending to black sportsmen by saying they can't appreciate anything most sophisticated than hamburgers and the head of some of ill college university of Oxford Baroness royale says she wants to change the culture of the college to make sure it is welcoming for all. So she she had a complaint from a first year student about the octopus terrain. That's all the bed. You. In the first year at the first year, welcome dinner, and the the the the student complained that the Oktoberfest Torri because she came from a poor background the Oktoberfest to read bathe her feel uncomfortable, so lady royale, the head of Somerville college. The university of Oxford is L. We'll get rid of the octopus Terry died like I'm a defeat Florida. I'm not trying to eat octopus to read than a Big Mac. But you're damned if you do if you damned if you don't. You're you know, you're supposed to go to university to expand your horizons. So you come from. You're like, doc impoverished home way. You you know, you've just been able to have gruel every night and some nights your mom can't even afford gruel Xian, even get the gruel. So you you you don't you just kept to make do with y- yesterday's grew warmed up because she got a phone any new grew. So you go to Oxford University, and they've got octopus terrain and Uber the head of the college because you want a less you want less adventurous food, then on the other hand say in trouble. If you saw the octopus terrain. Van if you save the cheese at your racist. And condescending to people presuming to tell these black sportsmen that they're their tastes the too unsophisticated. You appreciate anything other than cheeseburgers. There's no way you could win on any of this stuff. That's why incidentally, that's why the Steve king thing and all the rest of it. My advice is never apologize. Apologize sought to apologize for any of the guy who who said he was an Asian in a white man's Baldy is made himself west with the apologies. Now. Copes in a white man's body of bothered with it. Then never apologize. Just say, you know, if you really want to talk about octopus Torino cheeseburgers, you're wasting your life wasting your time time is life. Life is time you waste time you waste life. We waste you. Think of all the time we've wasted on calling cap Nick who can't do what he. Wants to do. He's not a very good either. No Russia wouldn't presume to be as expert on rush. He's not a good football. I know enough. Now this he's not a very good football player. It we talk about him more than any other football player because he made singing the national anthem issue. Again, that's worth talking about either because he the national anthem or you don't have a national anthem. That's an opportunity for self-expression because if national anthem is an opportunity for self-expression is on the national anthem. So the minute you say, well, the twenty we should the national anthem be. I'd like to do an interpretive dance in the middle of God, save the Queen Canada. So watch it's not the it ceases being national anthem. Once you do that. So these things are not worth talking about. And the things that I talk worth talking about. They don't want us to talk about. And that's why the battles on language us. How important Mark sign for rush? Open line Friday. We're gonna get. Charlotte North Carolina next. You're listening to the IB network..

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