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Gina Rodriguez, Jane Virgin, Natalie Portman discussed on WTF with Marc Maron Podcast


Now do do whatever you want do whatever you want seriously series just just go forth just go forth please please don't don't please please please i'm out of here i i really and need help police today on the show gina rodriguez from uh jane virgin and her new film the new big film and natalie portman annihilation she's here she's here federate with you can't i i've a relationship with a lotta my sponsors because some of them go way back with the show for example when we first started working with simplisafe they had only like 10 employees they were the upstart security company that figured out a way a new way to do all the things security companies need to do now they're the fastest growing home security company in the nation protecting more than two million people people and they just really are brand new home security system the all new simply safe is completely rebuilt and redesigned they've added new safeguards to protect against power outages downed wi fi cut landlines bats hammers and everything in between i assume they mean bats like the ones people swing but simply safe is so good i wouldn't be surprised if it protects you against flying bats some people's houses have flying bats all right the all new simply safe was redesigned to be practically invisible with center so small you can blanket your home in protection and never notice but you know who will notice bad guys once you have that simply save sign outside your house the cretes of the world will know you mean business simply safe has added a lot with this new system but he still get the same fair and honest price fifteen dollars a month for twenty four seven protection and no contracts ever the new simply safe is smaller faster and stronger than anything they've built before but supply is very limited so visit simply safe wtf dot com now to order that simply safe wtf dot com all right okay so i got a quick thinking over thinking guy it's is it over thinking i dunno look i have a lot of people on the show i don't assume.

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