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I'd imagine even extremely successful. Comedians like chapelle and seinfeld. They try something in. It doesn't work so and that for that one moment you know. Silence that is that is their definition of bombing. That's their humiliation for them to them. It's probably not so humiliating because they drive away in a lamborghini book every comic still goes through it on some level you will fail up there and you must fail to to to grow into develop new material so yeah i still go through it. I will always go through absolutely it. Just you know the the longer you do it the more comfortable you get with bombing with having those little small failures on stage in bouncing back from and in this lifetime or maybe a different way you wearing to comedian. You are not an actor. You didn't host podcasts. What job would you always wanted to be a baseball player. Really love baseball. Playing in anyways was quite good at it for awhile night. Dreams of being professional baseball players. The child turns out extremely unreasonable. James but they were dreams nonetheless. They remind that will take them away. Yeah i thought it would be a ballplayer of love to be a ballplayer professional ballplayer. That'd be a dream. I could give everything up to be a professional baseball player. I think there was done that. Despite having a comedy. So fund standpoint is great. I love me. It's been a great ri- it's very thrilling. But i would have loved to been a baseball player in one world series. Now that would have been would have been a huge thrill credible and just seem to love comedy. So what's the best thing about your job well. I think it would be a cliche to say that. Oh making people laugh but it is. It is it's making people laugh to see their faces light up and burst into latin. Just love that gives me so excited. And i'm so pleased to do that. I do it. I still do it at my at my day job now. I can't stop making people laugh at seems to be an addiction for me so you can find myself doing it at the day job now. Making the employees laugh. As often as i can feel an impulse to do that. I get so much joy out of it. I don't know why. But yeah. I mean it's a. It's not a very original response from the canadian. But yeah that's that's if amaze although maybe comedians do it for the money they think are among my way to riches but that's not athletic from me at all. I don't really care about that. Part of it i. I really enjoy making people laugh. I can't help myself but do it can't help it. What about the west thing about the worst thing about it She is the worst thing about. It is having to do everything. Yourself is a bit difficult and can be stressful especially in the beginning. Because i have to do everything myself. It's hard enough to come up with material Ideas in jokes. Would you think your jokes and then get on stage and trying to make the work. That is extremely stressful thing to do in in very scary..

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