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Cubbies first couple of months of last year one shocked me if the astros came out of the gate a little sluggish turned it on and in one eight division going away secondhalf zinni astros to best things in american league i didn't with the addition of staten 125 and at rotation and the best bullpen in all baseball and the yankees number one in the american league eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six olympic update haley yeah westwood one presents special report on the 2018 fianna chang olympic winter games at long last us men's ice hockey is in the wind column earlier this morning reid did not owes two powerplay goals helped team usa escaped to a two one win over slovakia obviously we felt that as a team who just came in focused obviously we were like to have the first game back but we knew we had to forget about that and kind of worry about the present and that's what we did a great veteran presence in and rocketing kind of led the boys to to believe that this is the game we need it in and became out me one currently in progress the olympic athletes have russia habits six one lead over slovenia heading to the third period some hard look for several us athletes skier michaela shia for and missed the podium by one ths of a second and finish fourth in the slalom final us figure skater nathan chen failed to land a clean jump any short programme seventeen heading into the free skate and fourtime olympian linsey jacob ellis mr metal in snowboard cross by threeone hundredths of a second to finish in fourth with this report on the 2018 olympics i'm justin jackal westwood one sports twenty two winter olympics performances single rooms breast six and see the world addicts this.

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