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Was dr. Maya angelou reciting from the point on the pulse of morning which he wrote for. President clinton's inauguration in one thousand nine hundred three. We're celebrating a song. Flung up to heaven in the book. Dr. angela opens up about a very painful time in her life. I know that this was a very painful book for you to ride. I know that you win away to florida and you were telling me having a really rough time writing this book in for a number of reasons the obvious reasons. The book had to deal with situations. That didn't seem to have any open them. The murder of malcolm x. And the murder of mr king on my birthday and uprising in watts and so forth. Couldn't see how i could find. Hope writing about all these negative so i wrote that book. I've written it for six years and it's the slim volume of all my books but i wanted to see how can i say it and finally i was able to see something about who we really are the human spirit. So amazing everybody here. Everybody has gone to bed one night. On with fear of pain or hara our disappointment our grief and yet each one of us has a weakened arisen madar of loosens and seem another human being said morning. How are you fine. Thanks that to have thought okay. Then this is who we are. We do survive and we do better than that. We've thri thrive and we do better than that. We thrive with some passion. Some compassion some humor personal story became intertwined. With the nation's history in the sixties angelou had been living in ghana west africa for four years when she made the decision in one thousand nine hundred eighty five to leave her teenage son guy with trusted friends and move back to america back in the states. Racial tinge were coming to ahead and my plan to work with their longtime friend and controversial leader malcolm x. he started organization of african american unity. Whose goal was to launch a cultural revolution to end racism instead of legislation. In my opinion that they became for many years. Maya had been corresponding with malcolm x. Through letters but she had no idea that the letter beckoning her back to. America would also be the last from dear friend demand. I was most pleased to learn that you might be hitting in this direction this year. You are beautiful writer and a beautiful woman you know that i will always do my utmost to be helpful to you in any way possible. So don't hesitate you brother malcolm but my never got the chance to work alongside malcolm x. On february two thousand nine hundred sixty five two days. After my arrived back in the states he was assassinated in front of his family. While delivering a speech. Burbar went off. And i remember this. I turn around quickly. And the next thing i saw was malcolm falling back in a dead fame. Maya was devastated. She was also raised at what she felt was america's indifference about his murder three years later in nineteen sixty eight. Meyer was reunited with another friend. Civil rights leader. Dr martin luther king junior in justice in it is a threat to justice everywhere sydney. I saw this man who really believed in nonviolent change and the power of pain for redemption after a speech at carnegie hall. He asked her to work with him on the poor people's march planned for later that year. I suggest just agreed to come back to work for him. He's it come back with me. My hands if people accuse me of being valid everton than nyanza lewis. Maya plan to join him on the road one month later but she would never get the chance on april fourth. Nine hundred sixty eight myers fortieth birthday. Dr king was assassinated dealt yet another devastating blow mayer withdrew from the world unable to deal with another tragedy. I'm sorry to say was metric. I'm reminded all the time by his life. His his love. That i can. I can be figure can be kinder more of this episode after a short break. 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