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To football Americas. None other than Casey Keller, we mentioned its Eunice moose's birthday today. It is also Casey. 39th birthday, Casey, congratulations. Is that 30 9 stop it? Here he is. Is he really? Eternally 39. All right, Casey. The U.S. part through. There it is. There it is. Casey, the U.S. are through, they advance. What do you make of the fact that the Americans not only get out of the group, but generally the performance tonight against Iran? Well, I mean, this is what I think we've seen from this team, particularly in this World Cup, is there's obviously some limitations up front. But they have been really, really solid defensively. And when you keep yourself in games and you give yourself opportunities to keep clean sheets. You have a chance of picking up points and okay, look, the England game, you know, I was obviously listening to you guys before this. You know, I had a clear scenario where a draw against Wales, a one zero loss against England and beating Iran gets you through. Okay, they did that little bit better. They drew again to England. But in the same, but the same result needed to take place in that final match. And what you saw was a team for, again, very similar to the whales game, far more comfortable in the first half, definitely after they got the goal, super disappointed

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