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Route twenty eight and sterling Boulevard Virginia state police say a trooper tried to pull over a vehicle on route sixty six at route fifty the driver didn't stop the chase from Fairfax to Loudon county covered fifteen miles the suspect drove off the road here hit a sign and troopers got him stopped there was an exchange of police fired at least one shot the runaway driver's injuries not considered life threatening the trooper is on administrative leave during the investigation in sterling Neolog consisting WTOP news this morning a man has died after being hit by a car in Fairfax county police say that man died on the scene just before nine o'clock last night this happen on monument drive it money main course in fair lakes that's near ox hill battlefield park there are no crosswalks in that area the driver of the vehicle did stay on the scene do you have something to say about metro's plans to cut some bus service improve rail service and increase some rush hour fares if so you'll have to speak soon are forever hold your peace after public hearings this week the chairman of intro as board says the public's comments may change metro's plans focus has been primarily on the bus and more than a dozen roots metro wants to eliminate or significantly cut back metro board chair Paul spent Berg suggests many of the routes across the region that mattress staff called redundant or unnecessary may be saved by the time a final budget vote comes in April should not accept any buses you need to make them stronger Denisse rushes on metro's accessibility advisory committee which also once metro access fare changes flying under the radar a bit tight measures proposed rush hour fare hikes ventures also proposed other fare changes and partially restoring rail hours cut a few years ago you can officially submit your thoughts through Monday the link at WTOP dot com search metro thanks method ET opinions had a judge says no to dismissing charges against a woman whose two kids have been not been seen since twenty fourteen it's six oh seven the father of a.

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