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And they're on all the social media platforms platforms. Just check them out. They're good they've got funny stuff. Oh and they like to stop the bleed. That's one of the big things a lot of trauma up there in the Bush they do. Oh that's not good they have You know how does that work how does ems house. They're not but the the hospital realm. I wonder how that is up there. Right Elk Brad Nelson Hospital tough reindeer. You gotta be you gotTa be tough to do that So you know probably the date is a Lotta duct tape superglue. Yep Oh yeah you know what I mean yeah you know like like ours from the hospital duct tape and superglue and on it calling the helicopters they have to when you could ever hope to copter all bleeding does eventually stops. It does when you run out. I mean that's one way. AM stopping it. All fires go out all fires eventually go out and all bleeding does eventually stop. I told that to somebody on the telephone yesterday did you. Yeah and they laughed about it and I said Seriously you know unless you're in Australia. Those fires are not going out. No that's going to eventually go out. It will eventually run out of fuel surrounded by water it is it is. It is only gonNA burned to the waterline. And that's that and then once it runs out of fuel it no longer GONNA burn good point good point so stop the burn. Stop the bleed. You just wait it out in the cold then stop the cold. No more called bring on the spring. Springtime here is great and speaking of Spring. Paul you bring us to the next announcement. Oh Oh good. Good Yeah Spring Thoughts yes the fools the fraternal order of leatherhead society of you guys are new listeners. You should go back and listen to our episode. We had with rusty ricker with the northeast. The New England fools that get these backwards all the time. The New England fools because they are hosting a ton of training the spring. And if you happen to listen to the commercial that I played we have a commercial on here now for the fools. It played at the beginning of this episode. I sent it to you guys last night. it's respirator on it Telling talking about what's coming mcso but the big thing that's coming up for us with them as the northeast fire summit in March march sixth through eighth in Wells Maine And we're GONNA have a table set up. We may have the whole team. We may have one may may have to. We may have none. Who knows but we'll be there with a table and the Mike and the computer the mixer and we already have an interview scheduled Fine young ladies that is hosting a Class A discussion. I should say on that Friday. So be looking out for that. Anybody anybody can go to that. You don't need to be a fool's member to attend you. Do get a discount if you're a fool's member it doesn't matter what chapter you're in but please go to our website. You'll see or not our website but our facebook book page. You'll see a link. There banner explaining the northeastern fire summit. If you don't WanNa go there you can go to the New England fools website and you can get all that information there so march sixth through eighth twenty twenty in wells Maine totally worth the trip northeast fire summit and then the next announcement is we want you guys to still submit your training ideas on our website We've got a banner. They're on the right hand side you'll see it We WanNA collect all sorts of training ideas unique ones basic one simple complicated whatever so we can in put together a large list for everybody to reference when they are stumped radio. Because how many times do we started training night. And we're like we're not plant. What do you do? It happens a lot yup shoot from the hip sometimes. They're good sometimes not so good right exactly. So let's help each other out. Let's increase everybody's training and their knowledge and let's let's share so please go on there and submit that very easy to do in will feature on the website in up on social media. So that's it from my announcements if you guys have anything Shoot Nothing New England fools that it'll be good training. Guaranteed these guys are solid solid Guys solid brothers and their Now their aim is to preserve traditions and in the fire service and You know in big name people. There's rural doesn't means anes malt small town main. There's going to be some big names in the girl that speaking. She comes from Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin so called there too. It's wicked calls. They're different way into pierce fire trucks and is really cold there. Yeah so that cats out of the bag by the way to facebook official. It's not facebook official. Yeah because I'm trying to put together because you know I like to go bigger. Go home when it comes to announcing things on facebook or but yes that cats out of the bag. It'll be leaving my job on the twenty third and starting my new job on the twenty seventh of this month so it's happening rather quickly going to be a traveling. Roadshow traveling roadshow selling Pierce. Fire trucks in New Hampshire insurance so anyway Cow Hampshire. So I'm fired up guys I've been kind of calm here with announce fired up. I'm fired up because I'm sick and tired of seeing fire departments complaining that they don't have any members or they don't have any help yet at the same time they're not doing doing any effort to keep their good members on their fight apartments and it doesn't just apply to fire departments that applies to all sorts of agencies police fire. EMS regular jobs business. I'm sick and tired of it And I see it all the time on social media. We don't have we don't have help. You see all these stories in the paper for yet. Then you hear people who want to join the fight apartment. But they're turned off to it because they make them jump through ridiculous hoops to get there. Well that and they discriminate against whatever gender you are. I've been hearing stories on that like all your girl. We don't want you on here. which believe it or not? It's still happening. which is bullshit? What still getting me that all out west? Apparently it happened was going to say really shouldn't be shocked but I'm a little shocked. You got professional sessional leaders and when I say professional people that when I mean professional is like the professionals it's a mindset not right employment status they supposedly what they're doing they supposedly have earned to get into position. There at a professional leaders are actually not doing what they're supposed to be doing to keep their employees and their members happy and engaged and empowered uh-huh and they're leaving. You know you see these articles on facebook that are going around. Why good employees leave? Why couldn't I don't know how many of you read it? Read those but you should read them because they're great points and they can be able to firestone. I do when I see those. Some of those are applicable to you know various like we were talking about fire departments Private sector regular jobs. You know full-time Fire Service Volunteer. Fire Service on and on and on you know in all of those leadership lessons are worth reading reading because if we can take something from from outside the fire service that's maybe best practice and apply it in our in our jobs than it's it's definitely not time wasted to read things like that certainly not because all that can be relatable and right down to the books like Jaakko willing books and all the leadership business business books out there. You can totally relate those to the fire service and and our leaders are not doing that. I think our leaders are becoming way too close minded. Maybe it's time they move on. Maybe it's maybe they're just. I've been in the service for too long. I don't know but I'm seeing young leaders. Come in doing the same thing where they're not paying attention to their membership. They're paying attention to their own personal agenda in what they want the Fire Department or the agency to look like in the direction they want it to go in and at the same time. They're not paying attention to what the whole membership wants. They're not letting their membership do work. They're not letting the membership take on projects and they are they're taking projects away from them and taking empowerment away from them and there's no incentive for them to stay right and yeah and it's it it's just baffles my mind how this hasn't clicked yet and how people still don't understand that you can't run a fire department and expect people to show up and do work without letting them have a little bit of freedom and a little bit of empowerment armant and responsibility to take care of something on their own to form that ownership in real in. And what's the word I'm looking for now doesn't even matter. But they're not pride and ownership ownership ownership. They're not getting it because you're not allowing them to you You hit on a on a topic there That it is important to this. And it's that pushing your personal agenda That's a that's a critical That's a critical fault right. There is pushing your personal agenda rather island what you know what's best for me versus what's best for we exactly exactly and they're forgetting about that we they're forgetting the team in the team. Spirit in working as a team because when all things go to shit when we're out of big incident we have to know that we can trust each other and we have to be able to work together to solve the problems that we're here to solve solvent to to Put the fires out in to rescue the people into stop the bleed. We we need to be able to do that. And we need to build a trust everybody and work together as a team. We can't have people showing up as officers chief surges or or regular firemen showing up with their own agendas and their own things that it's the former freelancing when you're not on the same in audience that everybody else not stop and it's frustrating people. It's frustrating the good members who are putting in a lot of work. You're putting in like all of us at this table. Have have a ton of time on the Fire Department and we have put in a ton of work and we're still putting in a ton of work and you have people that are coming in that. Want to do the same thing that we need to give them the same opportunity unity that we had coming in to form that sort of ownership. We need to be doing that to the new members we can't be holding. This is holding it close as this is our fight apartment. You're not gonNA come in here and and take it over. We want them to come in here and take it over. We want them to to learn how to manage and learn how to take ownership and learn how to take on projects and start new things in the look to see what the industry mysteries standards are changing. Bring that in and we have people in this fire service that are not doing that and then allowing. I'm fired up over it. Fired up clearly. Sorry sorry all right so you can go home to show everybody time is valuable. We appreciate you guys coming back and digital. Yeah exactly and I'm sorry I would yell me louder but I lost my voice this last week and it's just now coming back and I want to keep it so I do have three more days of dispatching which I need to need to have dispatched voice. It's not fun it's not. It's not because you have to answer the phone and then talk on the radio and then like literally really no one can hear what you're saying this miserable great and you feel fine like I felt fine. I'm like this is great. I could run a marathon while I couldn't. I haven't run in a long time. But why would anybody any run without being chased. Look happy when they're running. No okay. They've never never whereas if you have ever seen somebody happy when the rain the Donut yes Syria. Yeah he's he's happy right now. which is the pill going? I did Alan Two dozen donuts today. This morning I went out in the frigid cold in got everybody some donuts. So yeah we're if we're feasting on some fat pills this morning fat and happy that is one good thing about living in New England is we do have the dunks dunks. Yes and every corner. Ah every corner except here. I mean there's like one within we got two guys too good for dunks here. Yeah no we can't have. We can't have Dunkin donuts in York because it might look like kittery in God forbid because we're so much.

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