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You're working roman a year how do you not put roman over here. Because of roman doesn't over and brock wins. I think i don't know there's something to it that i think proxy pivoted lashley. At some point the drafts gotta be coming soon right. I don't necessarily like i mean again. We run into the same issue. Who's he'll whose baby face. But i think we've seen a roman and bracken enough because i need e i need to go to lashley. I don't need 'cause he's not going over on roman now. I don't want to right i just i can't figure this out like and it's not in. This is what i'm saying is not a bad thing that i can't figure it out. I'm just trying to figure out how it's going to work. I wanna see it in action. I wanna see al hayman handles this. I wanna see how he does. I wanna see the promos lineup this this whereas an abroad when he came out with the ponytails. Who is being this mosque. Did you see the size of that. Man's back so he creates cameron crazy somewhere when he was walking there. Like a camera gets knocked over and i was like blocks trap. Did that too big. He's too big. But it is like i don't know man romans like the he'll and you know obviously backs down and like the kinda sorta chicken shit kinda of way. But it's like he just went over on scene. As i want some guests on may work this match i want. I'm very intrigued by this but it also asked me. Is this the magic do it. Extreme rules at no. It feels so much bigger than that right like it got to be the saudi bag or nothing in the saudi bags. Yucky as it is. But if you know extreme. But i don't know what the extreme rules max is dan. I don't know. I don't know. I i not going to trust them to figure this out. I'm going to say i'm gonna let it play out. Because i want to see it. Play out. brought coming back is a big deal. The point just makes him like a fucking angry. Lumberjack eared more than the ponytail. But yeah sure it's always great. Yeah all of it works and it just like broccoli just looks like a monster. He literally looks like a moscow. And when i say that. I'm like well. How is the big facing. Looks like a monster. You'll kill somebody you know what i really want. This is what i want now tweeted. I don't care about any like this roman box. i don't care. Give me walter brock. That's why give me walter in everyone. Every br brought takes one of those shops. I ain't getting paid to do this. Shit know like rocks going into shoot molded knees. He's in wall to the hard way. Because you know. He's never seen a walter rach before he's a busy fucker really. In in the hard way the rate they got a rate vis radio so the ear the ramp bronx. This is what he does like show. You can't put them in there brought brigade about that and how you can again go work. How does walter will work on the main raw search because he's if you're millionaire and make it main rosser money. Why are you getting chopped viciously by this bad. No out at all i got. Here's the answer. The answer is if i'm vince. Or if i'm even nick connor come down and say this. Is this what we pay you to do. You wanna earn your money. This is how you and your money. You thought to get that contract Wrestling like ricocheting shit people flipping on you. Nah you gotta take these ham hawks. Right here. Might get a bonus from from walter shop. We're gonna get to that. We'll talk about like neck split. And i don't think he wants to do that. So i got as overall what chagrin show. Oh my lord I'm very easy greater. Saw go deep deep plus yet searching the sea. i'm giving it a. I'm just going to give it a d Because ed's and rollins was really good. Yeah and the opener was good. And you know see. The roman wasn't bad The other stuff just sucked. So i'll give it a i won't i won't give it an f and i won't give it a d. minus because i really did like ed rollins but it's a d. Show he has. It was a toll away from a c. Minus and then it was a becky lynch three minute match instead of twenty seconds way from c. But now they could have helped themselves. And you know just. I'm being generous. And the concessions didn't work evolves watching on tv in my home i could have my food madrid. Maybe it would have been higher. But i was in the building. We refunding thirsty. We walked around all morning. One point i thought it was going to catch a cramp stopping by a power eight and shut power the power and forty eight seconds so you know and then they had nothing at rena l. out here and we're in a good section here in the section that has like the bar connected to it and they had a yard burgers. You'll yard like kit. Your bird either line to that. By the time we got to the. I'll fight even have time to use my tickets. We didn't get.

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