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Okay. Yeah, do your thing. I'll be right back just like no worries. Let's see if anyone wants to come up in the meantime. And once again, thank you guys for showing up today. This was great, a lot of good information. Yeah, good turnout. And yeah, we do it in these once a month. This month was bad. Last month was, who was that? Tristan. We had that app like we had talked with little, so make sure you guys are tuning into these. And if you can't make them, we always put them in the replay room to go back and watch them. If you have any questions. We'll bring up terminator once Brad gets back. Sure. Keep that final question. I have to pick up my son. So I'll probably have to run after this one. No worries. We'll take ten minutes question. I'll hold my questions. And guys also, if you want to see what's going on in the I'm just going to keep talking because I'm a streamer and I can't let dead air just sit here. If you guys are going to see what else is going on on the event section on top of the rooms list in the Discord room is up to date for the whole month so you can see when we have things like this going on, all the studies of groups that are free and available to you guys, both premium and non premium members are in there. All the premium webinars are in there. So make sure you're checking that stuff out. There's like an interested button you can click and then it'll sound loads to your phone and reminders. Just add more value for you guys and to keep you informed. All right, I'm back. There you go. Perfect timing. We got one more question, and it's fun. Tamina. Hey everyone, can you hear me okay? Yeah. Can you hear me now? Yep. I can't hear you, felt. First of all, crazy fixes. Thanks so much for doing these every month. And Brad, love you, total respect for your game. So glad you're here today. Thank you. My question is for Brad. Live versus online play. Is there one you prefer over the other? I don't know. I think they're both interesting and different ways to convenience of online, can't really be weak and then they can Audrey, the feeling of, I don't know how you guys feel just walking into a book room. But when I walk into a poker room and just smell the air, it just feels like it's my place. Here are all the chips clacking. Yeah, I got something very special and romantic about live poker. So I guess probably live program. The more enjoyable. Do you think live poker is considerably softer as a whole or do you think that's not a thing? Yeah. I mean, it's another good thing too, right? Yeah, like if you really think about like a crusher playing two 5 live and win like 50 to 70 an hour, which is like ten big blinds an hour. That's 30 DBs per hundred. That's just otherworldly. And nonexistent in the online poker space. But for earning an experience and to play four tables at once, right? So like getting 300 hands an hour, you can get ten X the amount of money. You can have a higher hourly online, but the games are much softer. I feel like yeah, COVID was hard for me because I didn't even play online until COVID forced me to. And now I've gotten used to online and it has its pros and cons. I just, there's nothing that compares to like playing the smell of the room just like talking, you know. Some of those chips and the library. You don't get that online. No. Almost actually live Booker has a very special place in my heart that I at my wife blamed life over. I've met some of my best Friends in the world, playing live poker. So I really love playing live except I almost never do it. So maybe if I was back in commerce blank 60 hours a week, I would have loved it so much. I'm at 6s playing laugh poker. Online every single time for me. Yeah, I mean, you know, I don't need to have, so. Except for the series. Again, the World Series is something special and I always make it out for that. But I do agree with the whole, you know, the romantic concept of showing the casinos, scoping out the tables here on the chips. Especially when you add something like the series or when I was at the PCA or something, some big landmark, you know, I bet there's a there's an energy, right? You have a big win, you cash out, you get like this stack of hundreds. I mean, yeah, even if you're just walking around, again, like during the series, you know, you're like, oh, there's Brad Wilson. There's fraud Jocko. Oh my God, that's, you know, Phil helmet, whoever, you know, you get to see these people. It's one of the few things where a recreational or a enthusiast can go and kind of rub elbows with the top of the cream. So that yeah, it's cool. I haven't had many people be like, oh wow, that's Brad Wilson. Mama did it for sure. For sure. I've only played live poker one time since I started my podcast. There you go. Here like the great power for Oz, you're the man behind the curtain. All right.

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