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Station Thiss is the TR news expansion 15 minutes of commercial free nonstop news, traffic and weather starts now. I'm Declan. Five o'clock now, and here's our top story. A manhunt ended safely this afternoon after a federal officer was shot earlier today in downtown Phoenix in an apparent drive by shooting, there's Gabriel Gamino is there with more details. That's right. Becky, A suspect is now in custody after the shooting that occurred this morning at around 11 30. Outside of the Saturday O'Connor federal courthouse in downtown Phoenix. The employees shot a court security officer was transported the hospital with non life threatening injuries. Meanwhile, about a mile away at North Street and poke officers are searching through what is believed to be the suspect's vehicle. A gray Cadillac And new today In response to the recent attacks on law enforcement, Phoenix police Chief Jerry Williams has asked all officers to patrol in pairs will continue to monitor the situation in downtown Phoenix. Gabriel Dominion are news by the one Now we've got double trouble on the U. S. 60. Let's check it out with detoured and in the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic Center man usually what that means to wrecked, and that's exactly what it means. This time it started with Iraq eastbound 60. McClintock and easy enough troopers got to it and did get it moved off right, pretty good amount of time. But boy, as bad luck would have it so often, secondary crashes would get the better of us, and it looks like it's happened again. And this time it's blocking the H O V lane. He's found 60 near McClintock, H O V Lane, blocked and wreck number. One also remains off right, so lean to your right to get through, but be cautious. We've also got closure in the downtown of Washington Street westbound between Fourth Avenue and Seventh Avenue that's for police. Activity looks like you get with man you're in. If you're looking for a through road, and we've got serviced redirects 19th Avenue in Greenway, 75th Avenue NW in camp and Seventh Avenue at the one on one in the North Valley Traffic report Brought to you by Redmond Weight loss for a limited time. New patients Get for free fat burner plus boosters and every console available by video from home or in person at select locations. Get started.

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