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Always wins, especially with the new information that came out that in fact, we know Dr Fauci and others had been told that there are therapeutics that showed promise. Eventually, we had now numerous studies, starting with the Henry Ford study that said yet taken early Hydroxychloroquine is effective at mitigating many of the symptoms of Covid 19. And other drugs like I've ever met in the new therapeutics like Regeneron came on the scene, and you couldn't even discuss alternatives without getting excoriated by the media mob. I'm going to play a call here in a second of of a doctor calling in the C span in 2000 and three ripping Dr Fauci. But first we welcome back to the program, Dr Ben Carson. How are you, sir? I'm doing well. Very good to be with. You saw all right before we get into this, So I've got this. I've had really bad allergies now for a month. And a couple of days a week ago. So ago, my throat was giving out. It's given out a little bit today and yesterday. And so Linda, the producer of this program says, Well, you've got to take local honey. So now I have three versions of local honey that I'm taking, you know, during the day Now I love the taste of honey. It tastes great. Does that have any impact on allergies because it's local honey, which I didn't even know existed. Well, it makes you feel good. And when you see your music system works better, but but in other words, because it's the same pollen, there's no medical evidence that you're aware of that. The fact that they use the bees use the pollen. That's similar to the allergens that by the way, they've never been this bad. Well, you know, there's a lot of stuff that we don't know. You know, and we will probably never should kind of left. This things are Because there are probably some relationships that we don't know about their I would I always say to people You'll never go wrong by teaching taking natural selection. Yeah, I'm actually off. I mean, I'm trying it. Look, I've over the years, it seems whenever I have any type of illness. It's like it's like instinctively, you know, I guess my weak point on my vocal cords and I'm you know, over the years I used to take prednisone. I just don't like taking it. I know it works. I know I can get my voice back in 24 hours. I just don't like the feel of being on it. And even though it sounds like crap, I feel fine. Well, you know, God made our bodies, uh, to heal themselves and anybody who eats three well balanced meals that they drink 6 to 8 glasses of water could trigger exercise. It doesn't put harmful things and they're they're going to do extremely well. Mutual immune system and everything else is going to work very, very well. And they're going to have a minimum of Yeah. Well, The good news is for the first time in a month. Pollen accounts are going down. So I'm assuming in a day or two. It should be better. Um, so you had a bad case of covid. We've we've had you on this program. We've discussed that in detail. We have this whole issue now, about what? Fauci New. When did he know it about gain of function, and we now know that he was told That there was likely gain of function work done on Covid 19 on January 31st and an email confirming it 2020. And yet he went out publicly and denied it. We have other evidence to that He was in a great state of panic over the knowledge that in fact, maybe NIH monies. Had in fact been sent to the Wuhan lab virology. Now the question is, we had two big, prestigious medical journals that had posted Articles that they later rescinded, saying that Hydroxychloroquine, for example, at the time, a 65 year old drug was dangerous for people to take. It Turns out, the foremost expert on Hydroxychloroquine is a guy out and senior Sinai in Los Angeles, Dr Daniel Wallace and he wrote, the risk is nil. He has the largest rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus. Practices in the country has been dispensing hydroxychloroquine almost 45 years 65 year old drug, he said. The risk is nil. And it became at that point. You couldn't even discuss that or discuss ivermectin or discuss later, Regeneron. Without being excoriated, and we had nothing else, Doctor. So what happens when that's the problem? That's the problem you could You know, for instance, we have a quote experts. Say that, uh, even though they knew from those emails That there was a high chance of. Maybe this did originate in the laboratories by coming out and think that is very, very periods very unlikely. And then having Facebook and other social media. Castigate anybody who said anything to the contrary. And it leads people completely often in the wrong direction. You know, As far as Hydroxychloroquine is concerned, you know they didn't have to go through a lot to see that countries in Western Africa. That require the use of Hydroxychloroquine and other anti malarials When you're coming into the country had a market me decrease incidents. Of Covid 19. The data is already there and they scratched. Now you have to ask yourself the question. What was behind scratching that? Well in order to get an EU a emergency use authorization. For the vaccine. You have to be able to say that there's no other reasonable alternative. So there was a reason to do that because they really want to push the vaccine, And I'm not saying that the vaccine is necessarily bad. But You know, we should be a level of maturity where we can use all the things that we have. We can use the vaccines. We can use a hydrostatic cork and I ever met him. All the other things that have actually demonstrated some efficacy in this area. And it just goes to show you how malignant our media is, You know, not only did they squatch there But, you know, they defended school closings were seeing that that really is what is necessary. Children being forced to wear mask. In some places, they still have to Think about what that does to socialization project process of a young child. Who doesn't get to associate facial expression. With ver bitch. That's going to have a long time. Bill. Terry Impact, You know they're supporting the teacher unions. Another teachers that I knew growing up were wonderful people you know they wanted to teach. You know that was their mission in life. And they've supported the city lockdowns weeks. We're seeing that the only thing that really contributed to what's destroyed businesses. And you know, it just goes on and on the media is extraordinarily malignant and the other thing that they're not doing and I hope I do hear some voices starting now. To say that natural immunity is just as good as the immunity derived vaccines you know has been getting beat up over. This is Rand Paul is I think the first senator to contract Covid 19. And and that's his argument. He said. Well, I'm not I I feel as a doctor medical doctor with T cell immunity even if the immunity levels in your body go down, which they naturally would with any virus. There's still memory inside the T cells of one's body if they had contracted covid correct Absolutely, And there's no reason that it would be any different than any other infectious disease process and immune system would operate in the same way..

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