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Horsepower. I forgot while you show he pulls up this suburban he goes come with this thing opens the hood, it's kinda Nelson motor in it with two snails. This is a suburban. Oh my God. That's incredible. So that starts while called. White gator. And then I'm you can this looks like the kinda shit like like it, look it basically looks like one hundred thousand dollar hand back. I don't know if, if we can hold it up to a camera or mez, stop doing this, like he was too laborious for them. Yeah. Yeah. Like my dad ran polo and consoled alligator handbags that were fifty grand. And I'd go how the fuck does. It's like that's how it's there for three hours dealer. N team is meeting with the my teacher distributor, the pigment next week sick because they wanna do, like just one or two per store done this way good that take the fifty K bag did it got. And then it becomes one hundred when, when my pops Paris store Paris, or Tokyo, one of the two stores in the opened. It was crazy, and they got twenty of those bags and they were gone five minutes two hours. They were gone, they sold twenty fifty thousand dollar bags crazy weird though with these luxury brands like. Mez realized that, like, that's cool. And all, but it's not scalable because it's our artists. Yeah. Hendin. Right. We'll the scam is like Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton is the greatest scam in the history of luxury ninety percent of it's a scam. I'm always taught his ran in plastic. Yeah. It's made of plastic. Well, not means nothing literally most ninety seven percent of those luxury Italian goods and French are made in China. They're brought there and they like rivet the Tang on the zipper and Lord, I made any Italy legally they wrote the loss Swiss made watches seem game. What's the parts content? That's required to say Swiss made, it's like not enough that and what's the definition of was part that's another layer of bullshit. Yeah. What are you wearing today today? You know what I'm like, Mr. not Rolex but a Rolex Rolex. Oh, you're wearing a fucking sick Rolex though. This is not a bull. Rolex. Wow. So that's the first what do they call those second? All these. It's like it's not a milk. Five five one three or something, I don't know. Crown guard. It's extremely sick. That's probably it probably is worth as from here's what's fun about, right? Yeah. It's extremely sick. I mean it's, it's, it's an amazing piece. Now here's the fun part. It's fake. It's totally fake. Oh, is it, it is? Oh, so I, I met a guy if you're enough of T tasteful person, no one questions. Well with these hands, they figure whatever shock shock the US that you ethically will wear. Here's what's interesting about it, though. I met this guy because of friend had a Newman when the Newman's went nutty. My friend was like all right now. Like I don't know me wearing this thing anymore. Right. So this guy is a bond trader, who hates his job, who had an empty room bedroom in his house, and he set up shop. Mark assume old you outta my text messages Barco. That's fake. So that's what's fun to me about it is, it's, it's brand new, but, like homeboys mastered his own patina processes stuff, you for endorsing the guy with it. Well, but it depends on the scenario like to me like marriage watches like the L nocco watch re- case who cares. They're like a grand fifteen hundred shit where love it. Oh, yeah. And with this, like this, the real version of this watch is I think, like three hundred grand. Yes, play that she puts you, you kinda do. No, I don't have any Sixers watches. But she I mean I mean I could sell it. If India my watch if you told me you did. I wouldn't really question it because you're sucker because you think wealthy like my clan..

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