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They're trying to find his dealer. In those days. There are some accounts of him coming and going from home. There were people house sitting for them while they were gone, and these people were also really messed up on drugs, so their accounts are sort of murky. So turns out what happened was that Kurtz found one of his guns that had taken away and. He shot and killed himself in the RIM above their heritage, which was like a separate building from their house. So, no one thinks to go up there and the person that eventually finds him intellect actress, who is just going to their house to do some work and he happens to go up there because no one answers the front door. So I think. A lot of the rumors begin from this investigator Tom Grant. Who at some point in the next several months comes out and says. I don't think, Kurt. Cobain killed himself I think. Courtney had him murdered. What this private I guess! He comes out publicly and says this. And he has recorded. He records all of his conversations, so he has tapes and tapes of phone calls that he had with Courtney. I smell a book deal. This guy like try to cash. This guy's really interesting. I gotta be honest as I was researching, I was trying really hard not to dig so deep into the conspiracy theories, because I just don't WanNa give them as much credence as we give to the things that seem more with. About a person, but it is a rabbit hole for sure, and he has a website you know. I'll let you guys know but I don't think we should. People can find it if you will find themselves. It looks appropriately GIO cities. I, can say it in my head. It is like it's a black background with green like laying words right with leered lakeside -ment multiple Seidman you yes, and like weird like flashy gifts of like tax. Yeah, and eighty percent of the links are dead. Yeah, and it's like at this point. It's very charming and historic, but it's not trustworthy and I'm just sort of like if you want people to take you seriously. Do you take your website seriously. I, but that has been taking their website seriously so I think that answers the question. They like this lex boss. And this big sense I feel like whenever there's a conspiracy that comes from some sort of seed of something shady going on. There are weird shady things like around his death like the fact that he had been missing for several days, but I honestly think a lot of it is, and then all of these people were on lots of drugs, and their accounts of what happens are not gonna be absent of holes. That's not like an excuse, and it's not I don't know it's honestly just like. Like, a lot of people on drugs and they just don't remember what happened while I'm even people who weren't on drugs. Don't remember what happened..

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