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I'm like, this guy is fucking just were. Worth the money. This guy is like the center back in the league. And then he does something like that. I'm like dude come on now. And then yeah, tons of flopping, and then you have Mon as dive, which is that a dive is a not. Now the statistic where James Milner when he scores Liverpool never loses that stat is out the door. Now, you've got to be like in one. So. I think you know, Liverpool definitely has the possibility to qualify. They all have a chance. Now, it's up to between PS Napoli and Liverpool whoever's going to get that spot. So I Don her there's two spots. You know? So. Honestly martin. I do you have a do you think Liverpool's going to qualify? They're less game is against Napoli at Anfield, and they have lost every single game in the Champions League away from home this campaign and coming off of three away defeat is definitely going to put some damage on your on your confidence, especially when you are playing a soup to upside like Napoli with the talent that they have in the coaching that they have with Ancelotti. So I think there's going to be there should be a lot of fear in the Liverpool player's hearts as well. As the fans because Napoli is not Assad you take lightly in the Champions League, especially so I think it's a fifty fifty shot in all honesty Liverpool is I think in my opinion, a a stronger team may better team at this point in the campaign. But at the same time in the first matchup that they had in Italy Napoli beat Liverpool ones. Zero. So I would say. Gut wrenching gut reaction. I first reaction that I would have I would say Napoli just get by with a drawl because Liverpool has to win. And I'm saying there's going to be a draw. I think it's going to be super close. It's going to be like a two to one one draw. But I don't think Liverpool is going to be able to do enough. And I think they're going to be sent to the euro league with arsenal. Yeah. They're the Europa league jokes were coming out of the woodwork. Oh my God. And again, God Europa league. Get such a bad rap, man. It is like it's like you'd rather not even be in it because you just get shit on so hard like like even being sent to it. If you've got qualified in it like champion, there is this like big, dick like, you know. I don't even know what the call it presents from people who are in the Champions League. Because they just like they just look at you like, you're just nothing. You know? It's it's like, dude. I'm so playing in Europe. What do you are you talking about like, I there's still a trophy? I can win at the end. There's just like, Nope. Doesn't count like you're playing against farmers. And it's like, oh, okay. All right. Fuck me. I guess the second hottest league in the world is too easy for y'all. Big dick play in the Champions League. Fuck you. Yeah. I know. It's like you. If you win the rope league lakes Avia Man, United, you know, all these teams like people don't even care. They're like cool..

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