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Social media anything main celebrities I think you should be demanding celebrity yeah you're not supposed to be I don't see like every third strap I mean it alright I'm like cheese liking posted sending them to attract people like imposed and sending DM's or responding to the Ms questionable I love you and the content I think questionable exchanging flirtatious looks with strangers call all wheel who we what do you just walking around like doing the eyebrows I can't look what I got to wear like a sleep mask around so I'm not cheating will come on to go around winking at do it's all day that's a reasonable expectation civil it's not a boss it is impossible not to admire the way other people look it doesn't mean it doesn't mean you're going to cheat it doesn't mean that you're going to do anything you can look you don't need a **** lick your lips are by item now rufioh next ones for you you just close to slap them on the body that's changing micro jeden though it's not full cheating can only see a being caught somewhere that you said that you weren't well that's now you're a just a liar liar liar what if I am I don't know I gas however some of the stuff is about like some of the stuff could be interpreted anyway a lot lot away some of the stuff is not doesn't have to be harmful or well I mean if you're not concerned if you're not consistent on saying you know I'm gonna be here and you're lying about where you are at like that's not good that is harmful but if if it's like can you hang out tonight and I'm like no and it's because I'm out with somebody buying your birthday present or Christmas present or something is that what you did and what day because I was I didn't tell you because I was doing something for you you know I don't want you to know I'm not gonna say Hey tonight I'm going shopping for you like me and I'm just saying there are examples where it could be yeah that's you know it's a criminal contacting in acts of social media not good no is it cheating is it leading towards cheating potentially may be would you say having a work wife for work because I'm not cheating not cheating well not even micro cheating I mean are you like maybe there's an emotional element there that is inappropriate with some people like some people with their with their work spouse are a little too emotionally invested in each other but you spend so much time with these people I guess I it is long as you're not physically cheating or sharing information with him or her that you're not sharing with me or emotional cheating is is not I think you can have some I'm a member of the opposite sex with whom you're very close and work with closely yeah and and and it doesn't cross any lives you can but I think in this case they're they're probably talking about you know you guys are a little too involved yeah what is this seeing special friends without you is it my question what's the special for a friend if you're hanging out with the members here's the thing about the work life what husband they like I know people that were wives were husbands and and like I've dated people and and we all hang out together like it's its whatever it's fine like but if you if if I never get to meet this person or if you're hanging out with a member of the opposite sex or same sex whatever you're into and I'm and and the person who you're with never gets to hang out as well or never seen something is up yeah size so close and I've never had this person hi this listing someone in contact by a fake name yeah that's questionable I would say why it why Becky big in there because she has big boobs and domino's call you every day yeah because I want that one hour delivery do that anymore anyway lies your doctor call so let's now because I'm sick maybe he is my special friend I think I think somebody's a questionable I think some of these if you're looking for a reason to be skeptical then you're going to find them in these things no no no I I think it's mind you're piecing cues I think if you think it's justified or not if you think someone cheating on you you're gonna find evidence in everything they do Seoul I don't know a microchip but trust your gut if I'm if I guess on my phone that I'm constantly communicating with and I don't have that person under their real name because I'm afraid somebody might see it that is a problem problem yeah but if I have a close companion at work of the opposite sex which I mean Angie I mean you're my work life ten years I see you more than I see anybody yeah but we're at work like we're not going out for happy hour all the time like divulging each other's deepest thoughts and since you're still argues if we did not cheating but it's it might be an appropriate the other person might be like well why are you like talking about our relationship and our problems with somebody over drinks you know what I mean moon credit A. 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