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All right let's get back into the show but anyway it is. It is interesting. That the other thing that i just I say that. I found like pretty hilarious. If you just zoom out for a second and think about how ridiculous this whole like duopoly mindset is where they just criticize you for like well. You're not willing to criticize republicans. Even though i i i guarantee that i've made more substantive and stinging damning criticisms of republicans than chris on has who just repeats. The latest talking point probably talks a whole lot about the insurrection. And or you know. Whatever cunanan was just as all the dumb boring shit instead of what actually matters. They have like a nice staging area in back like eat some coffee and donuts. You recharge your energy. Then you hop on a mic. You scream for three minutes. You get off like you out have a cigarette. Wait for your next spot. Is it like television like that. Oh yeah yeah no. It's real nice green room but we're not in it. We all you know nowadays. We're all doing it from the computer. I was sitting right here. But yeah general kennedy nice green room gotta shirley as an actor you get like three lines and you just gotta get onto different shows and yellows three points and take a little break. Yeah no it's not a bad gig. I mean you can literally you can be completely unimpressive intellectually. Just have to be good enough to kind of put the sentences together that you you read in the talking points this morning and then just go out and deliver them move from the subset of podcast to the cable news came. Dave is not that easy rob. I'll tell you if. I knew i would try to help into it. But it's not that easy. Yeah but they got a nice got a nice little Set up in the back. Usually they have like a like a little craft kind of Tables doughnuts conservative or liberal. Gimme this supposed to go for national. You know they used to do in. Kennedy's background in kennedy's green room. Which used to always various. Is they put out a tray of like pastry is and then a tray a veggies and they just put them right next to each other and it was almost like it was kind of like. Yeah you're gonna have to look yourself in the mirror and decide who you are as. What do you want you know at this carrot. Are you want this brownie. it's up to you. did you go either way. You just really makes you feel like an asshole when really gotten me for fifteen minutes. Eat one peppery to pepper. You keep telling people. Hey i'm trying to be healthy and then some guy takes the danish like yes. We're doing it all right. Yeah exactly Oh no but just so the only other point that i wanted to add to this right but just imagine coming from this perspective where you're gonna say like like. He is projecting onto me that. I'm the partisan hack that he is right so he thinks that i'm just attacking joe biden. Because he is a democrat democrat bad republican good right like projecting this onto mate. But think about how much you have to fit this this square peg into a round hole that my criticism of joe biden was explicitly that he attacked ronald reagan from the right. That was my criticism. There's nothing in there that you could say this pandering to right wingers. So so now. This is how deranged these like establishment democrat types. Are that if i attack the war on drugs they are now going to accuse me of pandering to republicans. Think about how bizarre that is yeah. You know i'm out here. Like i think we should legalize all drugs and you're going man. You're such a right wing conservative. That's what they all say right. Strange times strange times indeed Yeah so anyway Merit from that. Let's transition to some more attacking. Joe biden seems fun and seems accurate. You know Okay so joe. Biden recently Gave a speech in which he said this. It raised some eyebrows. Got some people a little concerned. Let's hear from the senile man that just before you even play it. Just look at this guy. Look at him. How is that our president. Look at what you already see. Wrote there like he just have you ever just even just a still image. The amount of weakness but joe biden conveys to you. He's just please. I don't know they keep making me come up here and give speeches stub looking at his grandkids. Why far into the garden hose it. Funny gordon.

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