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I used that company's products it's fascinating this part to me is Bananas and this is why I think disreputable memoirs by people at the heart of media. Scandal should be more widely read. 'cause I've never seen this talked about elsewhere in it's weird okay. So the book says he finally settled on the USA channel because it happened to be playing the world according to Garp up. You gotta see this one part. Okay said according to Kato Okay was referring frank to a scene where garbs wife was going to give head to a young guy in her car park in the driveway of her home. The guy comes over one last time to garbs wife and she says no no no he says one last time so they get in the car and start Garp in his own car arrives at the House and a force of habit turns off his lights and coasts into the garage. Because it's raining Dr. Garb crashes into his wife's car while he's going down on her boyfriend. The force of the collision causes her to accidentally chop off the ahead of her lover's penis. Okay that was a very long pause. I don't yeah I mean I yeah I think this is the funniest thing in the world or something it will. Here's what Kato says. Cato recalled how they watched the scene and silence then OJ seemingly really out of nowhere said Yeah. I remember Nicole doing that with Keith. Nearly a year earlier biting the head of his penis off no guessing giving Keith a blowjob. Oh job because that was what I saw when he spied on that that was what he was shouting about when he broke her door down the previous October right. But that doesn't seem like the main point of the scene. That's not what the scene is about like you were. I watched that someone asks what it's about. We wouldn't say it world sack. Ah we would say accidental maiming. Yeah right so. OJ still store about this stupid key thing clearly clearly he you know. Just imagine watching arching that scene in silence with OJ Simpson so that the book is on Okays Talk Made Kato Very Uneasy. He was afraid. OJ's mood would change. Yeah Okay went on and the kids were home. Kato didn't WanNa hear it. Nicole was a friend of his but Kato didn't want to challenge. OJ either when okay finish the tail. He laid back lost in thought to ship the mood. Kato Said Not Robin Williams. Sure is funny man. That's very. I'm an abusive relationship. Logic logic right. We're Kato's already internalizing. This guy could turn on a dime. So it's up to me to distract him with something else like look at this comedian. Yeah so he knows on some level that OJ is emotionally volatile and he knows that he has to get him out of this place. Yeah I mean he is really. He's he's doing that work. Work he's part of this labor force along follow Barbieri and then everybody else then. Even if he doesn't know that consciously he understands that and he also isn't going to say. Okay Hey I am uncomfortable. Because he can't push back because he knows Oh jail blow up and he has seen him blowing up. Yeah that's one thing that sent her saying about Cato. To is that a lot of people well like they've heard about okay blowing up from Nicole or they've seen some of his anger but they haven't seen him yeah go after an Ecole Anna rage. Yeah seething the way that Kato has at this point settling he he understands. Some of what okay is capable of man. Apparently the only thing that finally gets. It's okay to shift. Topics is when Paula Barbieri calls. Because they're going to this fundraiser dinner that night he's calling to ask what he was hurt aware so after he talks to New Paula. Okay starting to Cato. Says he's really tired. He doesn't WanNa go to the event he'd rather go with Kato to the event instead of Paul Ike has. At least he'd have find with Kato. He seemed kind of like over Paula. In this moment. Okay so at the end of the day okay goes to his event. Kato goes out clubbing. And comes back to Rockingham at two in the morning and and goes to bed and wakes up at about noon and wakes up to an empty house. Okays as off playing golf so this is the day of the murders right this. Is Ken Twelve. Yeah this is. This is the morning of so this is the day. When there's the recital raid The recital is happening this afternoon or gas to go to fly to Chicago late that night and again Keta goes for a run then comes home. He's GonNa go to Santa Monica to play basketball with some friends but as he's heading out. OJ Once again calls for him and waves him into the a main house and so he goes into talk to him so this is like two thirty in the afternoon and talk about how his golf game went and then Kato tries to head out Komo. He's like no no. You should hang out and then he tries to call Tracy who is the center holds. Arain Cato trying to set him up with the the day before so again tracy talk for awhile and according to Kato Oj. Says you know. Tracy I've got everything a man once in the world everything I've got plenty of money. I've I've got two beautiful home but you know I'm just not happy me. Happy my God. What do you think about all this you that thing about how? The Nigerian Syrian scams are deliberately bad. I did not know that how they're deliberately bad because if they were reasonably convincing than they would ended up spending a lot of time on people who are kind of on the fence like people who are savvy enough to figure out that it's a scam and so what you WanNa do. Is You want to send out an extremely incompetent. Email to millions of people and like point one of point one point one percent of the people are going to be totally unsavory enough to fall for it quickly and so you don't waste your time going through all these steps with people that ultimately are going to drop out and it seems like this strategy of calling up women who you barely know and giving them this pitch of like I want something serious in my life R U. The girl for me kind of making them do this little tryout. It is like tryouts isn't it. It's like Broadway cattle call. And it's perfectly calibrated to find women with relatively we LO- self-esteem who are going to be like. Well this guy wants to get serious. This guy that I don't know at all I should just dive into this relationship and immediately start trying to prove myself to this guy. I've never met. Yeah I think you're right like Oj. Simpson is essentially a Nigerian princess. compulsively calling hauling around. You know he talks to Tracy and then he calls a bunch of other women. He apparently called Jasmine guy who he said to. Cato is like one of the only black doc women who he's attracted to also an interesting statement and then Kato's like okay. I should really go. I think I'm really going to go now. And and he knows that. OJ Is going to head to Sydney's dance recital at five that afternoon and he also knows that okay and Paula have been arguing about this recital. Week I can see being factor in Pala deciding to break up with him because basically Paula really wants to go and OJ's like no no no. It's for family. By implication implication. You can't come through and this is like. She talks about this in her memoir that she really likes being part of the kids lives and feels some hostility from Nicole Hole. That seems to come from partly from the fact that she is kind of taking on this mothering. Role Hits lives which is you know. Yeah Yeah and that she you wants kids of her own and feels on some level that her and okays relationship is destined to not work out because he doesn't want to have anymore children right right. So Paula is not being led into this family that she wants to be part of this ring repelled and finally fine like I give up and OJ's he's about to feel rejected from this family that he's trying to worm his way back into sue. It's I know it's weird to have that much inspired by. Hi It's dance. Recital dislike this little middle school answer. Kids were dancing to footloose. But it's say this is what families are yeah. Everything becomes a huge metaphor for something bigger right right because of course it's not the dance recital. It's like Yo whole to previous years of pollen as relationship. It's the seventeen years of okay Nicole's relationship. It's all of this history just hurtling toward this one afternoon in Brentwood yeah yeah becomes like a WWe wrestling arena. Yeah and so he does like well. I'm finally going to go. Who Play basketball like I have been trying to do the afternoon? Time for Cato. Cato and then he picks up some Sushi from place in the neighborhood and and heads home to watch the Knicks game his big plan for the night. This is what I want when I look at history. I guess one everyone to be able to have the little plans they had. I want I Walking his dog to get back home without finding anything relating to a murder scene and be able to watch the Mary. Tyler Moore show. I want Marsha to clean out her desk. I want to start dating Michael Bolton Nicole by half off picture frames. I'm June thirteen. Yeah imagine a little sliding doors musical montage right now. Yeah Yeah so KEDO comes in and according to him. OJ smiles and says Sydney was great and then the smile goes away and he says but Nicole was trying to play hardball with me right. So what do you know about how the dance recital goes from what we've talked about so far. My understanding is that he tried to sit with them mm-hmm and they said no you can't with your family and he perceives this as a huge sleight. Of course yeah. And it's actually even more passive than that. What happens is that Nicole doesn't specifically save a seat for him the guy and he gets there late as usual and colden save a seat for him and so he has to go sit somewhere else? So it's it's an it's important to make that distinction distinction clear and this to me is so typical of the kind of abuse. We've seen from him so far. where it's like Nicole failed to anticipate the very specific vic thing and what I would want and would make me feel valued rally I am? I do not doubt that from her experience of being married to him and of being and this what their relationship has become after the worst. I'm sure that she did know that he would feel slighted by that right. Like the whole point of this is that she's not tying herself into knots. What's to try to keep him from boiling over right? Also these are often the symbolic battlegrounds on which toxic relationships wage war. You're right these little things of like. I told you. Divide two percent milk whole milk. And you know. I can't drink home like these little things that to any outsider would be like whatever sitting at different Seton go chat with them afterwards but people within those relationships this is like a front in a long campaign of what he perceives leaves as constant slights constant cutting him out of the relationship and what probably her feels like. Well he fucking shows up late to everything you can't rely on this guy for anything. I'm sick of saving seats for this guy. Why would I even expect? Necessarily that. He would show if he you know Mrs other important events. Yeah they're both perceiving it as this completely symbolic act which it is which everything is in family. Wasn't there some famous thing where there was some count that they liked..

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