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Lou while Jane then anything for five. Yeah. It's even gonna play. Yeah. Well, that's maybe ram who was very good, by the way. But I think he was talking about who might be available. No kidding. Trevor aretha. That's a name that's gonna interesting. Bobby marks alpha. Ruka. Alpha route. I don't know enough about that to Wake Forest guy. Yeah. Okay. De'andre Jordan is Bob Myers, former client, but they say he's gonna command more like nine or ten, which is probably going to be is going to be outside their price range. And I'll tell you the other angle, I wanted to get to as far as the Lakers thing. You notice Anthony Davis did not sign an extension. So he's now in the power position year. Everybody who was played with LeBron has always been. I hope Laurent likes me the Bronco always had the final say in LA, Anthony Davis, twenty six LeBron's thirty four thirty five whatever it is he Anthony Davis is going to have the power over LeBron. It's going to be can LeBron. Get along with Anthony Davis. Not the other way around his Anthony Davis, even a he's going to resign in summer of twenty twenty he left that option is the same guy who LeBron's, basically got started Registan. He's not gonna you know it's, it's. It's going to be an interesting situation, if they don't win right away and there's pressure down there. Do they get along into is anything Davis really their long term or is he going to say, hey, it's him or me at the end of the year? We'll see you go through all that. And again, that Rich Paul big article in Sports Illustrated, reading, on the plane about Paul, how he got started LeBron.

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