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Cultural events will be returning to Chicago this summer is part of the next phase of the city's reopening plans are in place for the return of popular events. And institutions like summer Dance, the Goodman Theater, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Old Town art, Fair Market Days and Printers roll with fast. They'll also be a new month long citywide festival called Chicago Tune in which kicks off in August. Mere. Lightfoot was asked yesterday about the potential return of the air and water show. We've been in conversation with the organizer producers for some time, but we're not ready to kind of announce what might happen later in the summer. But stay two cities also launching the project Chicago Music Series, which will be available only to those who have been vaccinated, with local convention activity, expected to resume the hotel industry is slowly gaining steam. Michael Jacobson is president and CEO of the Illinois Hotel and Lodging Association. Rape are still definitely lower in occupancy Still lower. I mean, just give you a sense. Last week, hotel occupancy was right around 30% that is up from the teens and single digits that hotels were at last year, he says the industry is starting to see an uptick in reservations. Jacobson was a guest yesterday on Chicago's afternoon news here on WGN. Four men are in the hospital this morning after being shot in the South Shore neighborhood. Four men were outside on a porch shot about 6 to 10 o'clock last night. This location. 69th and Cornell. Three men came up to them and open fire. Three victims were taken to the hospital in fair condition. Another victim is in critical condition. No one is in custody. Least have said This appears to be a targeted shooting, and that police knew had contact previous contact with two of the victims. No criminal charges will be filed after someone plays two nooses on a football field at York High School in L Merge. The incident happened back in January. WGN's Pam Jones has an update on the story. Officials from district 205 see the nooses were placed there by a student who wanted to draw attention to the isolation and mental health impact of covert 19. However, the district says It acknowledges the symbolism of the nooses can invoke fear and anger regardless of intent. Officials say the incident is being handled as a school matter. Pam Jones WGN news former 22nd Ward alderman Ricardo Munoz pleaded not guilty during his arraignment in federal court yesterday on corruption. Charges of federal indictment charges him with 15 counts of wire fraud. And one count of money laundering. During his 26 years on the Chicago City Council. He rose to be chairman of its Progressive Reform caucus and also served as the caucuses treasurer. Federal investigators allege he used that position to form a political action committee raising money from donors. Prosecutors say he used those funds to pay for personal expenses. Like called college tuition for relative jewelry, clothing, cellphones, vacation sports tickets and airline tickets. Cook County Jail detainees have a new resource center to help get them going as they re enter society. Sheriff Tom Dart says Nearly half of his jail.

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