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Really good will Joni Mitchell fields that Natalie merchant. Yeah. That's true. Good call there. All right. How about one more? All right. Let's see. We'll go with another parody. Then hell about Kelly in Pennsylvania's sounds like a doozy. Can't stop me. From that. Just don't mean in such. The SaaS and some hop beef stew suck in fact, bro. Maybe Paul the two. Hooked on me. Come see. And just. The ladies are killing it too. You know, sitting down taking time to write the lyrics. Get a great voice. Yeah. Like, you know, what I got it? We're going to do on a feeling them eating when I get home. I'm going to write this request. If she listened to the show, she knows that I brought that up a few weeks ago where blue feed I think gave us that hooked on a feeling. I'm all about seasoning. Yeah. Great long failing all about seasoning. Oh, well done. We'll have a few more meet Friday songs if not today, then we'll have for you tomorrow. But if you'd like to be able to upload those songs go to the app, and you have that -bility to be able to do so. Yes, mclovin. You seem puzzled there. Fritzy, let me know when Jeff Carlin leave the amount of talent out there field writing these incredible. It's it's a whole lot of fun. Can I make way for Jeff garage actually entered the building? Oh, okay. Jeff garland, comedian actor producer director writer. He is on the goldbergs that way airs Wednesdays at eight on ABC nine time EMMY nominee, ladies and gentlemen. Garland strange credit a nine time EMMY nominee, which means nine time. Emmy loser..

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